Oratio Philippica Ad Excitandos Contra Galliam Britannos Sanctiori Anglorum Concilio Exhibita 1514 Incerto Autore Nunc Primum Publica Luce Donavit Joannes Tolandus
Melite a Comedy Translated from the French of P Corneille
Hymns and Spiritual Songs
Poems Attempted on Various Occasions by William Brimble Written Occasionally for Amusement and Now Publishd at the Request of Several of His Acquaintance
Socinianismus Purus Putus Antichristianismus Seu Omnimodi Socinianismi Iniquitatis Demonstratio Authore Edmundo Elisio
The Domestic Monitor Or a Director and Guide to Parents and Children to Masters and Servants in Religion and the Way of Salvation a New Edition Revised and Enlarged by the Rev T Rimbron
An Address to Persons of Fashion Containing Some Particulars Relating to Balls And a Few Occasional Hints Concerning Play-Houses Card-Tables c by a Gentleman of the University of Oxford the Third Edition Revised Corrected and Enlarged
Two Sermons on Sanctification By Joseph Benson the Second Edition
Observations on the Introduction to the Plan of the Dispensary for General Inoculation with Remarks on a Pamphlet Entitled an Examination of a Charge Brought Against Inoculation by Dehaen Rast Dimsdale and Other Writers
Antichrist Resisted In a Reply to a Pamphlet Wrote by W Mason Intitled Antinomian Heresy Exploded In an Appeal to the Christian World Against the Unscriptural Doctrines and Licentious Tenents of Mr James Relly
Three Letters on Mining and Smelting In Which a Method Is Laid Down Whereby These Useful Sciences May Be Greatly Improved Also a Fourth Letter Setting Forth a Discovery of an Easy Method to Secure Ships Bottoms from Worms
The Tea-Table Or a Conversation Between Some Polite Persons of Both Sexes at a Ladys Visiting Day Wherein Are Represented the Various Foibles and Affectations Which Form the Character of an Accomplishd Beau or Modern Fine Lady
Of Our Subjection to Death by the Offence of Adam and Our Reigning in Life Thro the Righteousness of Christ a Funeral Sermon for Mrs Elizabeth Ginn Late of Newington Butts Widow Who Deceased June the Eleventh 1738
Miscellanies in Prose and Verse Containing Candid and Impartial Observations on the Principal Performers Belonging to the Two Theatres-Royal Likewise Strictures on Two Favourite Tragedies the Orphan and the Fair Penitent
Memoirs of Mrs Coghlan (Daughter of the Late Major Moncrieffe ) Written by Herself and Dedicated to the British Nation Being Interspersed with Anecdotes of the Late American and Present French War
Remarks Upon Several Passages in the Preliminaries to the Dunciad and Upon Several Passages in Popes Preface to His Translation of Homers Iliad with Original Letters from Sir Richard Steele
A Defence of a Pamphlet Lately Published Entitled Thoughts Upon Several Interesting Subjects Being a Reply to the Appendix Annexed to the Expediency of a Free Exportation of Corn at This Time In a Second Letter to a Friend
King Georges Title Asserted Proving I from the Doubtful Birth of the Pretender II That the States of the Realm Had Power to Determine the Controversy about the Succession III That the Determination Still Remains in Force
Authentic Memoirs of the Life and Surprising Adventures of John Sheppard Who Was Executed at Tyburn November the 16th 1724 the Second Edition Adornd with Variety of Copper Cuts
Practical Reflections on the Earthquakes That Have Happened in Europe and America But Chiefly in the Islands of Jamaica England Sicily Malta c with a Particular and Historical Account of Them and Divers Other Earthquakes
Wo to Drunkards Two Sermons Testifying Against the Sin of Drunkenness Wherein the Wofulness of That Evil and the Misery of All That Are Addicted to It Discovered from the Word of God the Second Edition [three Lines from Habakkuk]
Seasonable Considerations Upon the Corn-Trade as It Respects the Land-Owner the Tenant or Farmer the Miller and Baker And the Poor and Labouring Part of the People Throughout the Whole Nation
A Compendious Vocabulary English and Persian Including All the Oriental Simples in the Materia Medica Employed in Modern Practice With Tables Subjoined of the Successions of the Khaliffs
Upwards of One Hundred and Fifty New Designs for Chimney Pieces From the Plain and Simple to the Most Superb and Magnificent with Full and Complete Instructions to Workmen by Abraham Swan
An Account of Proposals Made for the Benefit of His Majestys Naval Service Shewing Their General Object and Tendency - The Future Supply of Timber the Well-Being of the Dock-Yards Ships Magazines
Flora Rustica Exhibiting Accurate Figures of Such Plants as Are Either Useful or Injurious in Husbandry Drawn and Engraved by Frederick P Nodder and Coloured Under His Inspection of 4 Volume 3
Dissertations on the Character Death Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Evidence of His Gospel With Remarks on Some Sentiments Advanced in a Book Intitled the Age of Reason
Rudiments of English Grammar Being an Introduction to the Second Part of the Grammatical Institute of the English Language Compiled at the Desire of the Committee of the Grammar School in Hartford
Salvation by Jesus Christ Alone Asserted and Vindicated and the Objections Made Against It by Some Modern Unbelievers Particularly by the Author of Christianity as Old as the Creation in Two Sermons the Fourth Edition
Memorable Accidents and Unheard of Transactions Containing an Account of Several Strange Events As the Disposing of Tyrants Lamentable Shipwrecks with Other Remarkable Occurrences Translated from the French
Tyrocinium Geographicum Londinense or the London Geography Consisting of Dr Frees Short Lectures Compiled for the Use of His Younger Pupils
Miscellaneous Observations on the Works of the Late Lord Viscount Bolingbroke On the Several Answers to Them and Mons Voltaires Defence of His Lordship And on the Subjects Themselves in a Series of Letters to a Nobleman Part I
Sixty Amusing and Instructive Fables in French and English Divided Into Sections and the Two Languages Answering Almost Verbatim the Whole Adorned with Cuts the Fifth Edition Carefully Corrected and Improved
Oedipus A Tragedy Written by Mr Dryden and Mr Lee
Amphitryon Or the Two Sosias a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal
Visions in Verse for the Entertainment and Instruction of Younger Minds a New Edition with Six Plates
Incognita Or Love and Duty Reconcild a Novel by Mr Congreve
D Junii Juvenalis Aquinatis Et A Persii Flacci Satyri
Or an Essay on That Art Which Makes a Man Happy in Himself and Agreeable to Others the Ninth Edition
The Double Captive or Chains Upon Chains Containing the Amorous Poems and Letters of One of the Preston Prisoners in Newgate to Which Is Added the Execution Dream with a Preface to the Ladies and an Introductory Novel
The Royal Merchant Or the Beggars Bush a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Covent Garden Written by Beaumont and Fletcher
Elements of English Being a New Method of Teaching the Whole Art of Reading Both with Regard to Pronunciation and Spelling by Thomas Sheridan AM
The Black-Bird a Collection of Songs Scots English and Irish With Toasts and Sentiments
Busiris King of Egypt a Tragedy as It Was Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by E Young LLB
Or the Accompt Truly Stated Debitor and Creditor by Andrew Hooke Esq
The Wifes Relief Or the Husbands Cure a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by Her Majestys Servants Written by Mr Cha Johnson
Musapidia or Miscellany Poems Never Before Printed by Several Members of the Oxford Poetical Club
Oedipus King of Thebes A Tragedy as It Is Acted at the Theatres by John Dryden Esq
The Insolvent Or Filial Piety a Tragedy Written by the Late Aaron Hill Esq
Ph drus His Fables with English Notes by William Willymot
This Day Is Publishd Price 1s Sewed Cupids Golden Age Or the Happy Adventures of Love Translated from the French by Harry Lovemore the Eighth Edition
Inner Pearls for Body and Being 2019 12 messages to live in balance
The Albion Queens Or the Death of Mary Queen of Scotland as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal Written by Mr Banks
Annie de la Vie Du Chevalier de Faublas Par M Louvet de Couvray of 13 Volume 5 Une
The Law of Faith Opposed to the Law of Works in a Letter to a Friend Occasioned by a Circular Letter Published by the Elders and Messengers of Several Baptist Churches
The Botanists Repository for New and Rare Plants Containing Coloured Figures of Such Plants as Have Not Hitherto Appeared in Any Similar Publication With All Their Essential Characters Botanically Arranged of 10 Volume 8
A Plain and Familiar Introduction to the Newtonian Philosophy in Six Sections Illustrated by Six Copper Plates Designed for the Use of Those Who Have or May Attend the Authors Course of Six Lectures
The Church-Catechism Explaind and Provd by Apt Texts of Scripture Divided Into XXVI Parts Recommended by His Grace Narcissus Late Lord-Bishop of Dublin for the Use of That Diocess the Seventh Edition
A Compendious Method for the Raising of the Italian Brocoli Spanish Cardoon Celeriac Finochi and Other Foreign Kitchen-Vegetables as Also an Account of the La Lucerne St Foyne Clover and Others the Third Edition Revisd
The Ton Or Follies of Fashion a Comedy as It Was Acted at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden by Lady Wallace
The Life of Mahomet the Imposter With the Pretended Miracles Said to Be Wrought by Him and His Disciples His Wonderful Ascent to Heaven Description of Paradise and a Relation of His Death
A Journal of Occurrences in the Tower of the Temple During the Confinement of Louis XVI King of France [one Line from Virgil] by M Clery the Kings Valet-De-Chambre
An Address to the University of Oxford Occasioned by a Sermon Intitled the Divine Institution of the Ministry and the Absolute Necessity of Church-Government Preached by the Reverend Mr Joseph Betty September 21 1729
Annie de la Vie Du Chevalier de Faublas Par M Louvet de Couvray of 13 Volume 1 Une
An Answer to a Book Intitld Reasons Offerd for Erecting a Bank in Ireland in a Letter to Henry Maxwell Esq By Hercules Rowley Esq
The Great Importance of a Religious Life Considerd to Which Are Added Some Morning and Evening Prayers the Fourth Edition
An Authentic Account Published by the Kings Authority of All the Fairs in England and Wales as They Have Been Settled to Be Held Since the Alteration of the Stile
The Brothers a Comedy as It Is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden the Second Edition
The Farmer Convinced Or the Reviewers of the Monthly Review Anatomized Their Ignorance Exposd And Their Vague Futile and Fallacious Assertions Refuted Also W-----s New and Compendious System of Husbandry Dissected
The Irish Massacre Set in a Clear Light Wherein Mr Baxters Account of It in the History of His Own Life and the Abridgment Thereof by Dr Calamy Are Fully Considerd Together with Two Letters from Mr Chaundler
The Heiress a Comedy in Five Acts as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane Second Edition
A Treatise on Civil Architecture in Which the Principles of That Art Are Laid Down and Illustrated by a Great Number of Plates Accurately Designed and Elegantly Engraved by the Best Hands
The Case of the Admission of Occasional Conformists to the Holy Communion Before They Renounce Their Schism Considerd the Second Edition
A Treatise on the Culture of the Tobacco Plant With the Manner in Which It Is Usually Cured Adapted to Northern Climates and Designed for the Use of the Landholders of Great-Britain Also Two Plates of the Plant and Its Flowers
The Three Woe Trumpets Of Which the First and Second Are Already Past And the Third Is Now Begun Being the Substance of Two Discourses from Rev XI 1415161718 Delivered on February 3 and 24 1793 the Second Edition
A Catalogue of a Large Collection of the Best Books in All Parts of Learning in Greek Latin French Italian and English Containing Several Curious Libraries Lately Purchased Which Will Be Sold on Monday Octob 12 1761
Annie de la Vie Du Chevalier de Faublas Par M Louvet de Couvray of 13 Volume 6 Une
A Nomenclature Or Dictionary in English French Spanish and German of the Principle Articles Manufactured in This Kingdom More Particularly Those in the Hardware and Cutlery Trades The Goods Imported and Exported
An Improved Solution of a Problem in Physical Astronomy Swiftly Converging Series Are Obtained Which Are Useful in Computing the Perturbations of the Motions of the Earth by the Rev John Hellins
An Appeal to the Publick in Relation to an Affair That Lately Passd Between the Rt Rev B---P Wh--Te Head of the Roman Catholick Mission in England And Mr J----S D---D--LL to Which Is Prefixd the Authors Apology
The Mandate of His Eminence Monseigneur the Cardinal de Noailles Archbishop of Paris for the Publishing the Appeal Which He Brought the 3D of April 1717 to the Pope Better Advised
A Sermon Preached at Christ-Church Dublin May 13 1764 Before the Incorporated Society for Promoting English Protestant Schools in Ireland with a Continuation of the Societys Proceedings March 25 1764
A Perswasive to Parochial Communion in Two Parts by Charles Palmer the Second Edition Corrected
The Laws Respecting Landlords Tenants and Lodgers Laid Down in a Plain Easy and Familiar Manner as Collected from the Several Reports and Other Books of Authority Up to the Present Time the Third Edition Revised
The Gentle Shepherd a Pastoral Comedy by Allan Ramsay to Which Is Added Christs Kirk on the Green a Poem in Three Cantos
An Appeal to the People of England in Defence of the Clergy Against the Charge Contained in Mr Robert Seagraves Letter Addressd to the Publick Wherein His Two Material Articles Are Largely Considered
A Letter from the Right Hon Edmund Burke to His Grace the Duke of Portland on the Conduct of the Minority in Parliament Containing Fifty-Four Articles of Impeachment Against the Right Hon C J Fox
The Doctrine of the New Jerusalem Concerning the Sacred Scripture
A Treatise on the Gout Wherein the Inefficacy of the Usual Treatment in That Dreadful Disorder Is Demonstrated The Facility of a Speedy and Radical Cure the Third Edition Corrected and Enlarged
A Descriptive Catalogue of a Collection of Pictures Selected from the Roman Florentine Lombard Venetian Neapolitan Flemish French and Spanish Schools Collected and Drawn by Robert Strange
A Short Account of the Nature and Use of Maps as Also Some Short Discourses of the Division of the Earth Into Zones To Which Is Subjoined a Catalogue of the Factories and Places Now in Possession of the English French Dutch
A Full Answer to a Late View of the Internal Evidence of the Christian Religion in a Dialogue Between a Rational Christian and His Friend by the Editor of Ben Mordecais Letters to Elisha Levi
A Letter to a Gentleman in Edinburgh Containing Remarks Upon a Late Apology for the Presbyterians in Scotland Who Keep Comunion in the Ordinances of the Gospel with Mr George Whitefield the Third Edition
An Enquiry Into the Nature and Principles of the Spaw Waters with a Mechanical Explanation of Their Virtues and Uses in Many Diseases Also a Cursory Enquiry Into the Nature and Properties of the Hot Fountains at AIX La Chapelle
A Short and Easie Method with the Deists Wherein the Certainty of the Christian Religion Is Demonstrated by Infallible Proof from Four Rules Which Are Incompatible to Any Imposture That Has Been or That Can Be the Seventh Edition
Observations on the Correspondence Between Poetry and Music by the Author of an Enquiry Into the Beauties of Painting
Sketches Or Essays on Various Subjects by Launcelot Temple Esq the Second Edition Corrected
Marry or Do Worse a Comedy as It Is Now Acted at the New Theatre in Little-Lincolns-Inn-Fields by Her Majestys Servants
A Collection of Psalms and Hymns Chiefly Intended for the Use of the Poor by Rowland Hill MA the Second Edition
A Concise Account of the Kingdom of Pegu With an Appendix Containing an Enquiry Into the Cause of the Variety Orservable in the Fleeces of Sheep in Different Climates A Description of the Caves at Elephanta Ambola and Canara
Hes Much to Blame a Comedy In Five Acts as Performed at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden Second Edition
Or an Impartial Abstract of the Most Remarkable Transactions and Is a Supplement to Mr Pointers Chronological History to Be Publishd Every Year Year the Third
The Great and Wonderful Works of God Humbly Represented And the Just and Equal Distributions of Providence Demonstrated with an Appendix Concerning St Paul by an Ancient Doctor of Physick
Considerations Touching the Likeliest Means to Remove Hirelings Out of the Church Wherein Is Also Discoursd of Tythes Church-Fees Church-Revenues And Whether Any Maintenance of Ministers Can Be Settld by Law the Author John Milton
Primitive Christianity Revivd In Four Parts Containing Part I the Larger Epistles of Ignatius Part IV an Account of the Primitive Faith Concerning the Trinity and Incarnation by William Whiston MA of 4 Volume 1
Christ in Believers the Hope of Glory Being the Substance of Several Sermons by Mr John Brown the Sixth Edition
A Drama in Five Acts by MG Lewis
The Earnest Charge and Humble Hope of an Affectionate Pastor Being the Substance of Three Discourses Addressed to the Church and Congregation in College-Lane Northampton December 1 1793
A Description of Ventilators Whereby Great Quantities of Fresh Air May with Ease Be Conveyed Into Mines Goals Hospitals by Stephen Hales
Questions Importantes Sur Le Commerce lOccasion Des Oppositions Au Dernier Bill de Naturalisation Ouvrage Traduit de lAnglois de Josias Tucker
Pharmacopoeia Pauperum Or the Hospital Dispensatory Containing the Medicines Used in the Hospitals of London by the Direction of Dr Coatsworth Dr Mead Dr Cade Dr Wadsworth Dr Hales c with Suitable Instructions for Their Common Use
A Chronological History of Great-Britain Or an Impartial Abstract of the Most Remarkable Transactions and Is a Supplement to Mr Pointers Chronological History to Be Publishd Every Year Year the Fifth
Ocean an Ode Occasiond by His Majestys Late Royal Encouragement of the Sea-Service to Which Is Prefixd an Ode to the King And a Discourse on Ode by the Author of the Universal Passion
Rangers Progress Consisting of a Variety of Poetical Essays Moral Serious Comic and Satyrical by Honest Ranger of Bedford-Row
Letters Between Theodosius and Constantia a New Edition of 2 Volume 1
Familiares Colloquendi Formuli in Usum Scholarum Concinnati Partim Collecti Partim Compositi Editio Vigesima Quinta Correctio Castigatior Aliqua Parte Auctior
Virtues of British Herbs with the History Description and Figures of the Several Kinds No1 - To Be Continued Occasionally by John Hill the Third Edition with Additions
The Christians Duty to Know the Principles and Reasons of His Holy Faith and to Own and Adhere to Them in the Time of Persecution Represented in Two Discourses by David Ranken
Miscellaneous Poems by Elizabeth Rolt
iloge Funebre de Louis XVI Roi de France Et de Navarre Prononci i Londres Le 27 Mars Le 2 Le 11 Le 23 Avril 1793 Par M Lenoir
Lodoik Ou Leions de Morale Pour lInstruction Et lAmusement de la Jeunesse En Six Volumes of 6 Volume 6
One View of Human Life Taken and Reconciled by a Prospect of Heaven by Hugh Ferguson
Presbyterian Ordination Presumptuous Being the Second Part of a Reply to Mr Peirces Defence of the Dissenting Ministry by John Jackman
A Vindication of Mr Trosse from the Charge of Uncharitableness Proving by Ten Arguments That the Doctrine of the Trinity and True Deity of Christ Are Fundamentals with a Preliminary Discourse by Josiah Eveleigh
Minutes of Several Conversations Between the Rev Mr Wesley and Others from the Year 1744 to the Year 1789
Sermons on the Relative Duties Preached at Queen-Street Chapel and St Pauls Covent-Garden by the Revd Tho Francklin
Seven Sermons Viz I of the Unpardonable Sin Against the Holy Ghost VII the Future State of Man by Robert Russel the Fiftieth Edition
Lodoik Ou Leions de Morale Pour lInstruction Et lAmusement de la Jeunesse En Six Volumes of 6 Volume 5
A View of the Three Spirits in Man Their Tendency and Disposition Or the Only Way to Know Oneself Wherein the Quintessence of Pure Religion Is Clearly Exhibited by a Preacher and Penitent
Or the Way by Which Many Who Were Heathens Came to Be Renowned Christians to Which Is Added Pauls Speech to the Bishop of Cretia by Hugh Turford the Tenth Edition
Christ Our True Principle of Holiness Or an Extract of That Excellent Treatise Mr Marshalls Gospel-Mystery of Sanctification Opend in Sundry Practical Directions Designd as an Introduction to a Gospel-Library
Plain Reasons for Being a Protestant A Sequel to Plain Reasons for Being a Christian
Supplement to German Psalmody Done Into English Together with Their Proper Tunes and Thorough Bass for Promoting Sacred Harmony in Private Families
Candid Remarks on Some Particular Passages in the Fifth Edition of the Rev Mr Whitefields Volume of Sermons Printed in the Year 1750 in a Letter to a Gentleman
Annales Elii de Trickingham Monachi Ordinis Benedictini Ex Bibliotheca Lamethana Epistola Ad Johannum Nicholsium Celeberrimum Typographum Primittitur Nunc Primim Edidit Samuel Pegge AM
Reading Made Perfectly Easy Or an Introduction to the Reading the Holy Bible by T Dyke the Thirty-Fourth Edition with Large Additions and Improvements by D Fenning to Which Are Subjoined Six Familiar Fables
Dialogues and Letters on Morality Oeconomy and Politeness for the Improvement and Entertainment of Young Female Minds by the Author of Dialogues on the First Principles of Religion
S Aloysius Gonzaga Proposed as a Model of a Holy Life by Particular Practices of Devotion Calculated for Keeping Six Sundays Successively in Honour of the Same Saint from the Latin Edition Permissu Superiorum
A Call to Delaying Sinners Or the Danger of Delaying in Matters Concerning Our Souls by Thomas Doolittle the Fourteenth Edition
Divine Dialogues Containing Disquisitions Concerning the Attributes and Providence of God by Henry More DD of 3 Volume 3
Several Sermons on Angels with a Sermon on the Power of Devils in Bodily Distempers by Thomas Shepherd Ma
The Preceptive Moral Poem of Phocilides Who Lived 530 Years Before Christ at Miletus a City of Ionia Translated from the Greek to Which Is Added a Few Select Poems Divine and Moral
The Heavenly Souls Daily Exercise Morning and Evening Being a Manual of Devout Prayers for Every Day in the Week Also Meditations Upon Several Occasions by a Member of the Church of England the Thirteenth Edition
The Mothers Blessing Or the Godly Counsel of a Gentlewoman Not Long Since Deceasd Left Behind Her for Her Children Containing Many Good Exhortations and Good Admonitions by Mrs Dorothy Leigh
A Treatise of the System of the World by Sir Isaac Newton Translated Into English the Second Edition Wherein Are Interspersed Some Alterations and Improvements
Puissance de lAmour Ou Histoire Du Comte de Clare Et de la Marquise de Nerville La
The Secret History of Betty Ireland Who Was Trepanned Into Marriage at the Age of Fourteen the Fifth Edition
A Complete Collection of Juniuss Letters with Those of Sir William Draper
An Examination of a Pamphlet Entitled His Catholic Majestys Manifesto c with Reasons for Not Paying the 95000l
The Second Part of the Catalogue of Books of the Library Company of Philadelphia [one Line in Latin]
The Modern Tattler
The Heiress a Comedy in Five Acts as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane Sixth Edition
An Inquiry Into the Copernican System Respecting the Motions of the Heavenly Bodies Wherein It Is Proved in the Clearest Manner That the Earth Has Only Her Diurnal Motion and That the Sun Revolves Round the World by John Cunningham
The English Registry for the Year of Our Lord 1754 Or a Collection of English Lists Fitted to Be Bound Up with Watsons Almanack
A Short Account of the Several Wards Precincts Parishes c in London
The Provokd Husband or a Journey to London a Comedy as It Is Performed at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden Written by Sir John Vanbrugh and Mr Cibber
A Practical Use of the Holy Scriptures by William Westley Gent Written by Him for His Own Private Use and Now Publishd for the Use of All
An Essay on the Vitality of the Blood by James Corrie MD
A View of the Causes and Consequences of the Present War with France by the Honourable Thomas Erskine the Twentieth Edition
An Essay on Man Together with the Universal Prayer and the Dying Christian to His Soul by Alexander Pope Esq Translated Into Prose After the Manner of the Rev Mr Hervey by T Robert AM to Which Is Prefixed the Life of the Author
The School for Wives in a Series of Letters
The Rival Modes a Comedy as It Is Acted by His Majestys Company of Comedians at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane Written by James-Moore Smythe Esq
The Principal Acts of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland Conveened at Edinburgh the 23d Day of May 1776
An Apologetical Vindication of the Present Bishops from the Calumnies and Invectives Usd Against Them in Some Late Pamphlets by a Presbyter of the Church of England
A Treatise on Military Equitation by W Tyndale
A Collection of All the Statutes Now in Force Against the Transportation of Wooll c with Notes in the Margin
The Interest of Great Britain Steadily Pursued in Answer to a Pamphlet Entitld the Case of the Hanover Forces Impartially and Freely Examined Part I the Third Edition
An Abridgement and Alphabetical Index of the Acts of the General Assemblies of the Church of Scotland from the Year 1638 to 1706 Inclusive of Both by a Minister of the Gospel
The History of Wilhelmina Susannah Dormer Containing a Wonderful Series of Events
The Unfortunate Caledonian in England Or Genuine Memoirs of an Impressed Young Gentleman in the Year 1779 Written by Himself
The True Interest of the Princes of Europe at This Present Juncture in Familiar Letters from Their Respective Courts to a Gentleman in England
The Perfidious P--- Being Letters from a Nobleman to Two Ladies Under the Borrowd Names of Corydon Clarinda Lucina with the Ladies Answers
A Vindication of the D-- Of G-- In Answer to a Letter Signed Junius Inserted in the Publick Advertiser of Saturday the 18th of March
An Historical Account of the Antiquities in the Cathedral Church of St Mary Lincoln Abridged from William of Malmsbury Matthew Paris Prince Compiled to Gratify the Curious Inspector of This Magnificent Pile of Building
A Vindication of the Present Ministry from the Many Flagrant Calumnies Gross Misrepresentations and Evident Falsities Contained in a Book Intitled the History of the Late Minority c c c in a Letter to the Supposed Authors of That Piece
A Letter to the Right Honourable Charles James Fox on the Late Conduct of His Party
The History of Publick and Solemn State Oaths Containing All Those That Have Been Taken by the Kings of England
The Divine Institution Order and Government of a Visible Church of Christ According to the Direction Left by Him in the New Testament Asserted Explained and Vindicated by John Williams
The London and Country Brewer by a Person Formerly Concerned in a Common Brewhouse at London Part I the Third Edition Corrected
The History of the Seven Wise Masters of Rome Newly Corrected and Better Explained in Many Places
The New and Complete Guide to the East-India Trade Containing a Table of East-India Interest Tables to Reduce Rupees Into Sterling Tables of Bombay Maunds by the Late Mr Robert Stevens the Second Edition Enlarged and Corrected
A Compleat History of French Invasions from the Revolution to the Present Time Containing a Particular Account of the Intended Descent in 1690 After the Battel [sic] of Beachy Head Collected from Manuscript as Well as Printed Authorities
The Way to Get and to Save Wealth or the Sure Method to Live Well in the World Being the Pleasant Art of Money-Getting to Which Is Added the Way How to Turn a Penny Or the Art of Thriving the Third Edition Corrected and Much Enlarged
The Charter of the Royal Canal Company with Their Rules and Extracts from the Act of the 29th of His Present Majesty George III with an Index to Which Is Prefixed a List of the Subscribers
The Psalter Or Psalms of David Pointed as They Are to Be Sung or Said in Churches with the Order for Morning and Evening Prayer
A Political Grammar Adapted to the Meridian of Great Britain in Which the Welfare and Safety of Every Subject Is Deeply Concernd
An Answer to an Anonymous Libel Entitled Articles Exhibited Against Lord Archibald Hamilton by Lord Archibald Hamilton
A Letter from Britannia to the King
A Tariff or Book of Rates of the Customs to Be Levied on Goods Imported Exported at the Port and Frontier Custom-Houses Translated from the Russ
A Scheme for the Restoring and Making the Navigation of the River Witham from Boston to Lincoln and Also for Draining the Low-Lands and Fenns Contiguous Thereto by John Grundy Sen and Jun of Spalding
The Sentimental Mother a Comedy in Five Acts The Legacy of an Old Friend and His Last Moral Lesson to Mrs Hester Lynch Thrale Now Mrs Hetser [sic] Lynch Piozzi
An Exmoor Scolding in the Propriety and Decency of Exmooor Language Between Two Sisters Wilmot Moreman Thomasin Moreman Also an Exmoor Courtship Together with Notes and a Vocabulary the Ninth Edition Carefully Corrected and Revised
The Case Re-Stated Or an Examine of a Late Pamphlet Intitled the State of the Nation of the Year 1747 c in a Letter to a Friend
The Only Sure Guide to the English Tongue Or New Pronouncing Spelling-Book to Which Is Added an Appendix Containing Several Very Useful Lists of Words Properly Accented by W Perry the Eighth Edition
A Short and Modest Reply to a Book Intituled the Dutch Displayed
A Refutation of the Letter to an Honble Brigadier-General Commander of His Majestys Forces in Canada by an Officer
The Trial of Mrs Mary Heath a Witness Examined on a Trial in the Court of Exchequer in Michaelmas Term 1743 in a Cause Wherein Campbell Craig Was Plaintiff Together with an Appendix
An ACT for Repairing and Widening the High Road from Wetherby to Grassington
The Ghost by C Churchill the Third Edition with Additions
The Honourableness of Marriage Adjusted and Defended Together with Observations and Reflections Relating to the Conduct of Married Persons in a Letter to a Freind
The Woodman a Comic Opera in Three Acts As Performed at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden with Universal Applause by Mr Bate Dudley the Second Edition
The Life and Death of Thomas Lord Cromwell by Mr William Shakespear
A New Weymouth Guide Containing a Description of Weymouth Portland Lulworth Castle and Every Place in the Neighbourhood Worthy the Observation of Strangers
An Inquiry Into the Moral and Political Tendency of the Religion Called Roman Catholic
An Essay Upon the Propitious and Glorious Reign of Our Gracious Sovereign Anne to Which Are Subjoined the Characters of Several Eminent Ministers of State
The New Entertaining Novellist [sic] Being a Selection of Stories from the Most Approved Modern Authors
The Case of Capt George Frye President of the Council in the Island of Montserrat and Also Copies of the Impeachment Preferred Against Him Captain Fryes Answer Thereto And the Assemblys Replication
A View of the Causes and Consequences of the Present War with France by the Honourable Thomas Erskine the Eleventh Edition
The General Principles of Grammar Especially Adapted to the English Tongue with a Method of Parsing and Examination for the Use of Schools by John Collyer
The British Diary Being an Ephemeris for the Year of Our Lord God 1746 the Seventh Impression by John Sharp
A Banquet for Gentlemen and Ladies Consisting of Nine Comick and Tragick Novels Viz the Treacherous Friend the Jealous Husbands the Friendly Cheat Intermixd with Several Pleasant and Delightful Tales and Stories the Second Impression
A Dialogue Between a Parishioner and the Rector of His Parish Concerning the Oath Required by the National Assembly to Be Taken by the Established Clergy Tbanslated [sic] from the Second Edition Printed at Paris by the Rev James Barnard
The Country Wife a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal Written by Mr Wycherley
The Eighth Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Examine Take and State the Public Accounts of the Kingdom
The Principles Elements or Primary Particles of Bodies Inquired Into And Found to Be Neither Those of the Chymists or of the Natural Philosophers But Earth Water Air Fire and Frost by John Gibson MD
A Short Account of the Most Common Diseases Incident to Armies with the Method of Cure Translated from the Original of Baron Van Swieten
The Sense of the People Concerning the Present State of Affars [sic] with Remarks Upon Some Passages of Our Own and the Roman History in a Letter to a Member of Paliament [sic]
The Key of Knowledge Or Universal Conjuror Unfolding the Mysteries of the Occult Sciences and Being a Guide to the Temple of Wisdom by Malcolm MacLeod
The Tragedy of Jane Shore as It Is Acted at the Theatres Royal in Drury Lane and Covent Garden by N Rowe Esq
A List of the Liverymen of the City of London
A Discourse Concerning the Process of the General Judgment in Which the Modern Notions of Universal Salvation Are Particularly Considered by Nathanael Emmons AM Pastor of the Church in Franklin [two Lines of Quotation]
The Sources of Corrupting Both Natural and Revealed Religion Exemplified in the Romish Doctrine of Penance and Pilgrimages a Sermon Preached at Salters-Hall February 27 1734-5 by Jeremiah Hunt DD the Second Edition
An Essay on the Origin and Use of Tables of Latitude and Departure Particularly as They Are Suited to the Purposes of Land Surveying
A New Description of Merryland Containing a Topographical Geographical and Natural History of That Country
The Doctrine of Life for the New Jerusalem from the Commandments of the Decalogue Translated from the Latin of the Hon Emanuel Swedenborg the Second Edition
The Principal Acts of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland Convened at Edinburgh the 17th Day of May 1798
The Pre-Existence of Souls and Universal Restitution Considered as Scripture Doctrines Extracted from the Minutes and Correspondence of Burnham Society in the County of Somerset
The Seamans Daily Assistant Being a Short Easy and Plain Method of Keeping a Journal at Sea by Thomas Haselden
The Primitive Liturgy and Eucharist According to the Institution of Christ and His Apostles for the Use of the Oratory with Two Homilies and a New Preface the Fifth Edition
The Beauties of Mrs Robinson Selected and Arranged from Her Poetical Works
A Letter to the Norfolk Farmers on the Present High Price of Corn c c c by Major-General J Money
The Rise Progress and Present State of the Dispute Between the People of America and the Administration by the Bishop of -
The Rainbow of the Covenant Surrounding the Throne of Grace Being the Substance of Some Sermons Preached at the Sacrament of Muckart June 23 1728 by Mr Ebenezer Erskine the Second Edition
A Chain of Philosophical Reflexions and Inquiries Concerning the Virtues of Tar-Water by the Rev Dr George Berkeley
Canap Couleur de Feu Par M de *** Nouvelle Edition Le
An Answer to the Rev Mr Gardens Three First Letters to the Rev Mr Whitefield with an Appendix Concerning Mr Gardens Treatment of Mr Whitefield c [four Lines from Romans]
An Address to the Inhabitants of the District of Maine Upon the Subject of Their Separation from the Present Government of Massachusetts by One of Their Fellow Citizens
The Wonderful Life and Most Surprising Adventures of That Renowned Hero Robinson Crusoe Who Lived Twenty-Eight Years on an Uninhabited Island Which He Afterwards Colonised
The Orphan of China a Tragedy Translated from the French of M de Voltaire First Acted at Paris on the 20th of August 1755
The Time of Danger the Means of Safety and the Way of Holiness Being the Substance of Three Sermons Preached on the Late Public Fast-Days to Which Is Added the Cross of Christ the Christians Glory by James Hervey
The Ladies Friend Being a Treatise on the Virtues and Qualifications Which Are the Brightest Ornaments of the Fair Sex and Render Them Most Agreeable to the Sensible Part of Mankind
The Ghost by Felix Phantom
An Essay on the Education of a Young British Nobleman After He Leaves the Schools to Which Are Added Some Observations on the Office of an Ambassador
The History of the Seven Wise Masters of Rome Containing Many Pleasant and Witty Narrations Very Delightful to Read
The Lamentation of Mary Magdalen from Chaucer
The Commentator
A Supplement to the Builders Jewel Containing I Mensuration of Superficies and Solids XII the Gothic Order Illustrated by Upwards of 132 Examples Engraved on 44 Copper-Plates
The Progress of Dulness or the Rare Adventures of Tom Brainless by the Celebrated Author of MCFingal
The Eleventh Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Examine Take and State the Public Accounts of the Kingdom
The Aberdeen Almanack for the Year 1785
The Young Quaker A Comedy as It Is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Smock-Alley with Great Applause
The Laws Concerning Travelling c Viz 1 Robbery 2 of Such Accidents as the Traveller Is Liable to Upon the Road Collected and Printed for the Benefit of All Merchants Shop Keepers and Travellers
An Essay on Man by Alexander Pope Esq Enlarged and Improved by the Author with Notes by William Warberton Ma
The Appendix to the Eighth Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Examine Take and State the Public Accounts of the Kingdom
A Short Account of Mr Thomas Nairn Minister of the Gospel in Linktoun of Arnot Formerly Abbotshall His Secession [sic] from the Associate Presbytery With the Grounds and Reasons for His So Doing
A New Historical Catechism Containing Witty Answers to Several Qustions [sic] of Many Wonderful Matters in Ancient History
The Spectator of 8 Volume 4
The Prophecies of the New Testament Concerning the Man of Sin Considered and Applied a Sermon Preached Before the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge June 3 1784 by the Rev Alexander Frazer
The Shorter Catechism Composed by the Reverend Assembly of Divines at Westminster with the Scripture Proofs Corrected by a Rev Divine and Freed from Many Errors in Former Editions
The Sword of Justice Awakened Against Gods Fellow a Sermon on Zech XIII 7 Preached at Dunfermline July 3d 1720 Immediately Before the Celebration of the Lords Supper There by the Reverend Mr Ralph Erskine
A Discourse Concerning the Nature and Design of the Lords Supper by Henry Grove the Third Edition to Which Are Added Devotional Exercises Relating to the Same Subject
An Answer to the Exceptions Made by Mr Erasmus Warren Against the Sacred Theory of the Earth the Third Edition
The Odyssey of Homer Translated by Alexander Pope of 3 Volume 3
The Apocrypha at Large Illustrated with a Commentary and Notes Whereby the Difficult Passages Are Explained The Mistranslations Corrected And the Seeming Contradictions Reconciled
The Life of Monsieur de St Evremond by Mr Des Maizeaux
The Christian Family Library Being a Collection of Scarce and Valuable Theological Tracts of 1 Volume 1
Trou de Saint Patrice Le
The Annual Report 1797 by W Hawes
The Tragedy of Sophonisba Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants by Mr Thomson
A Letter to His Grace the Duke of Buccleugh on National Defence to Which Is Now Added a Postscript Relative to the Regiments of Fencible Men Raising in Scotland
The Gentle Shepherd a Scots Pastoral Comedy with All the Songs by Allan Ramsay
The Charter of the City of New-York Printed by Order of the Mayor Recorder Aldermen and Commonalty of the City Aforesaid to Which Is Annexed the Act of the General Assembly Confirming the Same
Part the First of an Introduction to the Writing of Greek After the Manner of Clarkes Introduction to Latin for the Use of Winchester College by G I Huntingford AM the Fifth Edition with Considerable Improvements
Some Farther Proofs Whereby It Appears That the Pretender Is Truly James the Third the Whole Illustrated with Notes and Observations Never Before Publishd
Jacobi Petiveri Opera Historiam Naturalem Spectantia of 3 Volume 2
Letters of an Impartial Observer on the Affairs of Ireland Addressed to a Gentleman in Dublin
A History of the Life of the Apostle Paul by Whom the Gentiles Were Converted by James Macknight DD
Letters on the Subject of Union in Which Mr Jebbs Reply Is Considered And the Competence of Parliament to Bind Ireland to an Union Is Asserted By a Barrister and Member of Parliament
An Explanation of the First Second and Third Heats of the European Race and of the Hieroglyphical Frontispiece Thereto Prefixd to Which Is Added Fee Fau Fum by the Political Club
Stockdales New Companion to the London Calender or Court and City Register for the Year 1785 with an Appendix Containing the Cases of Controverted Elections
Important Hints Towards an Amendment of the Royal Dock-Yards Being Considerations on a Late Pamphlet on the Oak-Timber Wherein Some Passages in That Book Are Farther Explained and Illustrated by a Man of Kent
The Triumph of Prudence Over Passion Or the History of Miss Mortimer and Miss Fitzgerald by the Authoress of Emeline in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
Persian Tales Designed for Use and Entertainment of 3 Volume 2
Gores Liverpool Directory Containing an Alphabetical List of the Merchants Tradesmen and Principal Inhabitants of the Town of Liverpool With the Numbers as They Are Affixed to Their Houses
Two Sermons on Sanctification by Joseph Benson
The Fair Quaker of Deal Or the Humours of the Navy a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by Mr Charles Shadwell
Stockdales New Companion to the London Calendar or Court and City Register for the Year 1787
The Procedure of Our Church Courts in the Case of Dr William McGill of Ayr With a Complaint Lately Exhibited Against Him by the Friends of Truth
Orange a Political Rhapsody in Three Cantos Ninth Edition
Coxheath-Camp A Novel in a Series of Letters by a Lady in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
The Country Lasses Or the Custom of the Manor Written by Mr Johnson
Private Vices the Occasion of Publick Calamities Proved from the Nature of Things And by the Testimony of Ths [sic] Wisest an Essay by Edward Lewis
Vocal Sounds by Edward Search Esq
Tableau Des Moeurs de Ce Siicle En Forme dipitres Epitre Ire II Suivies de Plusieurs Fragmens
Poison Detected Or Frightful Truths And Alarming to the British Metropolis in a Treatise on Bread And the Abuses Practised in Making That Food by My Friend a Physician
Part the First of an Introduction to the Writing of Greek After the Manner of Clarkes Introduction to Latin for the Use of Winchester College by G J Huntingford the Fourth Edition with Considerable Improvements
Minutes of the Proceedings at the Trial of Vice-Admiral Griffin at a Court-Martial Held December 3 1750 For an Enquiry Into His Conduct in the Year 1748 Taken in Short-Hand by Mr Tho Cook
The Doctrine of Predestination Stated and Set in the Scripture-Light In Opposition to Mr Wesleys Predestination Calmly Considerd with a Reply to the Writer to the Doctrine of the Perseverance of the Saints the Second Edition
A Discourse on the Man of Sin Delivered in the Chapel of Harvard College in Cambridge New-England September 1 1773 at the Lecture Founded by the Hon Paul Dudley Esq the Second Edition Corrected
The Secret History of the Calves-Head Club Complt Or the Republican Unmaskd the Sixth Edition with Large Improvements to Which Is Annext a Vindication of the Royal Martyr King Charles I with a Character of a Presbyterian
The Longitude and Latitude Found by the Inclinatory or Dipping Needle Wherein the Laws of Magnetism Are Also Disoverd to Which Is Subjoind Mr Robert Normans New Attractive or Account of the First Invention of the Dipping Needle
A New and Easy Method of Giving Mercury to Those Affected with the Venereal Disease to Which Is Annexed a New Theory of the Action of This Metal on the Salivary Glands Translated from the Latin of Joseph James Plenck
A New Grammar of the Latin Tongue Or a Rational Short Comprehensive and Plain Method of Teaching That Language Also a Vocabulary and Practical Apparatus for Latin Composition the Eleventh Edition
The Question Considered Whether Wool Should Be Allowed to Be Exported When the Price Is Low at Home on Paying a Duty to the Public? Also an Answer to Sir John Dalrymples Pamphlet Upon the Exportation of Wool
An Introduction to the Latin Tongue for the Use of Youth a New Edition Revised
The Thistle A Dispassionate Examine of the Prejudice of Englishmen in General to the Scotch Nation And a Late Arrogant Insult Offered to All Scotchmen in a Letter to the Author of Old England 1746 the Second Edition
A Melius Inquirendum Into the Character of the Royal Martyr King Charles I Wherein Is Demonstrated That the Reflections Cast Upon His Sacred Person and Truly Glorious Memory in a Paper Inserted Into a Pamphlet
A Letter to Dr Mead Concerning Some Antiquities in Berkshire Particularly Shewing That the White Horse Which Gives Name to the Vale Is a Monument of the West-Saxons Made in Memory of a Great Victory Obtained Over the Danes AD 871
An Account of the Remedy for the Stone Lately Published in England According to an Act of Parliament Extracted from the Examinations of This Remedy Given Into the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris
A Genuine Narrative of the Enterprize Against the Stores and Shipping at St Maloes from the Letters of a Person of Distinction in the Service Also the Circumstances of the Death of the Unfortunate Marquis de Landal
A Particular or Inventory of the Estate and Effects of John Grigsby Required by an Act Entituled an ACT for Restraining the Sub-Governor Deputy-Governor Directors Treasurer of the South-Sea Company
Directions to Church-Wardens for the Faithful Discharge of Their Office by Humphrey Prideaux to This Edition Is Added a Table of the Contents and a Large Alphabetical Index
An Anatomical Essay I Pointing at Many Things Curious and Remarkable in the Structure of the Viscera II an Anatomical Explcation of the First Six Verses of the Twelfth Chapter of Ecclesiastes
A Rare Soul Strengthning [sic] and Comforting Cordial for Old and Young Christians Being an Exact Account of the Authors Experience in the Following Particulars I an Account of Some Exercises of Soul IV His Last and Best Advice
The Discourse Which Carried the Pr mium at the Academy of Dijon in MDCCL on This Question Proposd by the Said Academy Whether the Re-Establishment of Arts and Sciences Has Contributed to the Refining of Manners
The Military Arguments in the Letter to a Right Honourable Author Fully Considered by an Officer
The Complete English Physician Or an Universal Library of Family Medicines Containing a New and Approved Selection of Efficacious Prescriptions and Remedies a New Edition with a Great Number of Additions and Improvements
A Faithful and Authentic Account of the Siege and Surrender of St Philips Fort in the Island of Minorca Containing Every Particular Occurrence Also Containing an Account of the Strength of the Garrison
Thoughts on the Importance of the Manners of the Great to General Society Fourth Edition
Fables in Verse by T Mozeen of 2 Volume 1
Sketch of a Descriptive Journey Through Switzerland
The Poll for the Election of Members to Serve in Parliament for the City of York Begun Wednesday May 13th 1741
A Descriptive Catalogue of Upwards of Eleven Hundred Species and Varieties of Herbaceus or Perennial Plants Exhibiting at One View the Names Magnitude Soil and Situation Second Edition
The Scripture Doctrine Concerning the Coming of Christ Unfolded Upon Principles Which Are Allowed to Be Common to the Jews Both in Ancient and Modern Times to Which Is Added an Appendix Part I by N Nisbett Ma
Two Letters on the Savage State Addressed to the Late Lord Kaims [sic] by David Doig
The Constitutions of the Several Independent States of America The Declaration of Independence The Articles of Confederation Between the Said States The Treaties Between His Most Christian Majesty and the United States of America
The Life of Madam de Maintenon Translated from the French of 2 Volume 2
The British Poets of 44 Volume 3
The Works of the Earls of Rochester Roscommon and Dorset The Dukes of Devonshire Buckinghamshire c with Memoirs of Their Lives in Two Volumes with Additions and Adorned with Cuts of 2 Volume 2
The Shandymonian Containing a Conclamation of Original Pieces a Higgledy-Piggledy of Controversies and Opinions the Second Edition by Thomas Medley Esq
The Memoirs of Perdita Interspersed with Anecdotes of the Hon Charles F-X Lord M- and Many Other Well Known Characters
The Trial of the Cause of the King Versus the Bishop of Bangor Hugh Owen DD John Roberts John Williams Clerks and Thomas Jones Gentleman At the Assizes Holden 26th of July 1796 Taken in Short Hand by Mr Gurney
A Critical Dissertation on the Mandrake of the Antients With Some Observations on the Egyptian Grecian and Roman Literature Botany and Medicine in a Letter to a Fellow of the College of Physicians
The Patrons A B C Or the Shorter Catechism Attempted After a New Plan Particularly Containing an Abstract Both Doctrinal and Historical of Patronage from the Reformation Till the Present Times
The Case of the Inhabitants of Kew-Green Relating to the Conduct and Behaviour of the Reverend Mr Thomas Fogg the First Curate of the New-Erected Chapel There
A Tour to Ermenonville Containing Besides an Account of the Palace Gardens and Curiosities of Chantilly a Particular Description of the Tomb of JJ Rousseau
An Introduction to the Knowledge of the Holy Spirit as a Divine Person in the Undivided Being of God
Letters to the Right Honourable Henry Dundas on His Inconsistency as the Minister of India
A Sailors Proposal for Finding His Longitude by the Moon Offering at an Easy and Practical Way of Performing It Now by the Moons Visible Apparent Equinoctial Distance the Second Edition to Which Is Added an Appendix
The Dying-Speeches Together with the Effigies and Characters of I Thomas Wentworth Earl of Strafford VIII Colonel John Penruddock
Memoirs of Captain Shelburne Written from Authentic Documents Second Edition to Which Is Now Added Henry and Charlotte Or the Fatal Shipwreck a Tale Founded on Fact
National Convention the Defence of Louis Pronounced at the Bar of the National Convention on Wednesday 26th December 1792 by Citizen Desize One of His Official Councils Translated from the French by Cizar Dubuc
The Compleat Florist of 2 Volume 1
Miltons Paradise Lost Book I
Thoughts on the Letter of Edmund Burke Esq To the Sheriffs of Bristol on the Affairs of America by the Earl of Abingdon the Seventh Edition
Two Discourses The One on Prayer the Other on Singing of Psalms from I CorXIV15 in Which Are Shewn the Obligation to These Duties The Nature of Them And the Manner and Usefulness of Performing Them by John Gill DD the Second Edition
Reflections on the Life and Character of Christ by Edmund Lord Bishop of Carlisle With a Summary and Appendix on the Gospel Morals
Works of the Late Dr Benjamin Franklin Consisting of His Life Written by Himself Together with Essays Humourous Moral Literary Chiefly in the Manner of the Spectator in Two Volumes Volume I [-II] Volume 1 of 2
A Rattle for Grown Children Containing Odes Cantatas Medleys Songs and Catches by Young dUrfey
Analects in Verse and Prose Chiefly Dramatical Satirical and Pastoral of 2 Volume 2
Essays on Various Subjects In Which Some Characters of the Present Age Are Introduced by M de la Garde to Which Is Added Some Poetical Pieces by Mrs Guppy Second Edition
Four Essays as Improved and Enlarged in the Second Edition of the Reliques of Ancient English Poetry
Sonnets (Third Edition) with Other Poems by the Rev W L Bowles
Histoire Abregie de la Ville de Nimes
Hudibras the Second Part by the Author of the First Corrected and Amended with Several Additions and Annotations
Exile of Major General Eustace a Citizen of the United States of America from Great-Britain by Order of His Grace the Duke of Portland Minister for the Home Department
Institutiones Juris Naturalis Gentium Ex Hugonis Grotii de Jure Belli AC Pacis Libris Excerpti Editio Secunda
Poems Attempted in the Style of Milton by Mr John Philips with a New Account of His Life and Writings
Thanksgiving Sermons Preached Before the Missionary Society London August 6 1798 by the Rev J Griffin Portsea And Rev T Haweis LLB MD of Aldwinkle Northamptonshire
Free Thoughts on the Spirit of Free Inquiry in Religion With Cautions Against the Abuse of It and Persuasives to Candour Toleration and Peace Amongst Christians of All Denominations by Daniel Turner Ma
Moralities Or Essays Letters Fables And Translations by Sir Harry Beaumont
Memoirs of the Life of Robert Cary Baron of Leppington and Earl of Monmouth Written by Himself and Now Published from an Original Manuscript in the Custody of John Earl of Corke and Orrery with Some Explanatory Notes
A Leaf Out of Burkes Book Being an Epistle to That Right Honourable Gentleman in Reply to His Letter to a Noble Lord on the Subject of His Pension by M C Browne [the Second Edition]
Notes Upon the Twelve Books of Paradise Lost Collected from the Spectator Written by Mr Addison
Village Sermons Or Twelve Plain and Short Discourses on the Principal Doctrines of the Gospel in Four Volumes by George Burder of 4 Volume 1
Remarks on the Beauties of Poetry by Daniel Webb Esq
A Philosophical Essay on the Moral and Political State of Ireland In a Letter to Earl Fitzwilliam Third Edition
History of the City and County of Lichfield c the Second Edition
Histoire de Pierre III Empereur de Russie Avec Plusieurs Anecdotes Singulieres Dignes de Curiositi
Great News from Hell or the Devil Foild by Bess Weatherby in a Letter from the Late Celebrated Miss Betsy Wemyss to the No Less Celebrated Miss Lucy C----R
Antiquitates Rutupini Authore Joanne Battely STP Opus Posthumum
Milton No Plagiary Or a Detection of the Forgeries Contained in Lauders Essay on the Imitation of the Moderns in the Paradise Lost by the Rev John Douglas the Second Edition Corrected and Enlarged by the Addition of a PostScript
Account of Hampton Court Palace (from Lysons Middlesex Parishes)
The Detector Detected Or State of Affairs on the Gold Coast and Conduct of the Present Managers Considerd Wrote on the Coast by JSG Last Commandant of Commenda Under the Royal African Company
Caernarvonshire a Sketch of Its History Antiquities Mountains and Productions Intended as a Pocket Companion to Those Who Make the Tour of That County
Village Sermons Or Twelve Plain and Short Discourses on the Principal Doctrines of the Gospel in Four Volumes by George Burder of 4 Volume 3
Ophthalmographia Or a Treatise of the Eye in Two Parts to Which Is Added an Appendix of Some of the Diseases of the Ear
Fumifugium Or the Inconvenience of the Aer and Smoake of London Dissipated Together with Some Remedies Humbly Proposed by J E Esq To His Sacred Majestie
The Young Gentlemans Mechanicks by Edward Wells
Old Rome and London Compared the First in Its Full Glory and the Last in Its Present State the Second Edition to Which Is Added a Comparison Between the Beauties c of Old Rome and London by a Person of Quality
Common Sense In Nine Conferences Between a British Merchant and a Candid Merchant of America in Their Private Capacities as Friends Tracing the Several Causes of the Present Contests Between the Mother Country and Her American Subjects
Literary Amusements in Verse and Prose by Mr Webb
Geometry No Friend to Infidelity Or a Defence of Sir Isaac Newton and the British Mathematicians in a Letter to the Author of the Analyst by Philalethes Cantabrigiensis
Observations on Mr Belshams Memoirs of the Reign of George the Third
Some Memoirs of the Life of Job the Son of Solomon the High Priest of Boonda in Africa Who Was a Slave about Two Years in Maryland And Afterwards Being Brought to England Was Set Free and Sent to His Native Land in the Year 1734
Proprietates Algebraicarum Curvarum AB Eduardo Waring
The History of Lapland Shewing the Original Manners Habits Religion and Trade of That People
Divelina Libera An Apology for the Civil Rights and Liberties of the Commons and Citizens of Dublin Containing an Account of the Foundation and Constitution of This City by Charles Lucas
Remarks on the Writings and Conduct of J J Rousseau
A Short and Easy Introduction to the Science of Geography Designed for the Use of Schools and Private Tuition Illustrated with the Necessary Engravings and an Accurate Map of the World
Considerations on the Propriety of Imposing Taxes in the British Colonies for the Purpose of Raising a Revenue by Act of Parliament [two Lines of Latin Quotation] the Second Edition
An Introduction to the Use of the Globes and the Orrery With the Application of Astronomy to Chronology with an Appendix
Moral Tales in Verse Founded on Real Events Written by Thomas Hull of 2 Volume 1
Mr Le Clercs Account of the Earl of Clarendons History of the Civil Wars Done from the French Printed at Amsterdam the Second Edition Corrected of 2 Volume 1
With Annotations by Another Hand of 9 Volume 1
The Sorrows of Werter A Poem by Amelia Pickering
Thirty Two New and Accurate Maps of the Geography of the Ancients as Contained in the Greek and Latin Classicks
Notes Upon and Illustrations Of the Treatise Intitled the Life of God in the Soul of Man to Which Is Prefixed a Preface with a Short Account of Dr Scougals Life c by a Young Gentleman
Memoir of the Chart of Part of the Coast of China and the Adjacent Islands Near the Entrance of Canton River by a Dalrymple Originally Published in 1771 Second Edition
Jonah a Poetical Paraphrase Inscribd to the Reverend Mr Isaac Watts the Second Edition Corrected and Adornd with Sculptures to Which Are Also Added Poetical Paraphrases
Substance of the Speech of His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence in the House of Lords on the Motion for the Recommitment of the Slave Trade Limitation Bill on the Fifth Day of July 1799
Arcadia Di Mr Giacomo Sannazaro Nuovamente Corretta Ed Ornata Di Annotazioni Da Giuseppe Serafini Cui Si Aggiunta La Vita Dellautore Ed Un Vocabulario Delle Voci Pi Oscure Colla Loro Spiegazione Inglese E Francese
Caprices Poitiques Par M Daillant de la Touche
Erifile Regina Di Zacinto A New Serious Opera As Performed at the Kings Theatre in the Hay-Market Written by Signor Gamarra the Music Entirely New by Signor Antonio Sacchini The Translation by F Bottarelli AM
With Annotations by Another Hand of 9 Volume 6
Sermons on Various Subjects Preached to Young People on New Years Days by William May the Second Edition
Instructions for the Treatment of Negroes c c c
Some Account of the Life and Religious Exercises of Mary Neale Formerly Mary Peisley Principally Compiled from Her Own Writings Second Edition
A Death-Bed Dialogue Being a Series of Conversations Between MR Shirra and MR Lister Together with the Duty of the Survivors in Three Parts Written by Robert Shirra the Third Edition Corrected
Village Sermons Or Twelve Plain and Short Discourses on the Principal Doctrines of the Gospel Intended for the Use of Families Sunday Schools or Companies by George Burder of 1 Volume 1
Poems by the Revd Henry Rowe in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 1
Idyls or Pastoral Poems To Which Is Annexed a Letter to M Fuesslin on Landscape Painting Translated from the German of Solomon Gessner
Five Discourses Containing Certain Arguments for and Against the Reception of Christianity by the Antient Jews and Greeks Preached at Croydon by John Ireland to Which Are Subjoined Illustrative Notes
Two Speeches in the House of Lords I on the Bill for Abolishing the Heretable Jurisdictions in Scotland II on the Militia-Bill
An Account of the Sepulchers of the Antients and a Description of Their Monuments from the Creation of the World to the Building of the Pyramids and from Thence to the Destruction of Jerusalem In Two Parts
A Short History of Drugs c Likewise China and Lacquered Ware the Produce of the East-Indies Published for the Sole Direction of the Commanders and Officers in That Service Who Are Allowed Private-Trade Homeward Bound
A Key to the Prophecies of the Old and New Testaments Shewing the Approaching Invasion of England the Desolation of Germany Italy c Written in the Year 1744 by Thomas Newans
An Historical Account of the Blue Blanket Or Crafts-Mens Banner Containing the Fundamental Principles of the Good-Town with the Powers and Prerogatives of the Crafts of Edinburgh c
An Account of the Life and Writings of the Rev Alban Butler Interspersed with Observations on Some Subjects of Sacred and Profane Literature Mentioned in His Writings
Friendly Advice Comprehending General Heads of Qualifications Requisite for Those Who Wish to Marry Well and Live Happy Compiled and Translated from Different Authors by Cisar Mussolini
Arguments and Proofs from the Holy Word of God of the Excellence and an Inquity of the Liturgy of the Church of England by Law Established by TR Filewood MA
Some Discourses Wherein the Being of God and of His Watchful Providence Over All His Creatures Are Asserted and Maintained to Which Is Added a Discourse Shewing the Danger of Infidelity by Rice Adams
Evangelical Poems on Various Subjects Tending to Display the Richness Freeness and Sovereignty of the Grace of God Including a Cursory Account of the Authors Experience For the Use of the Little Flock by John Towers
Select Beauties of Ancient English Poetry with Remarks by Henry Headley AB of 2 Volume 2
Caniadau y Rhai Sydd AR y Mor O Wydr c I Frenhin y Saint Yn Dair Rhan Pedwarydd Argraphiad Gyd A Chwanegiad O Hymnau Newyddion Nad Oedd Yn Un Or Argraphiadau Or Blaen Gan W Wiliams
Additions and Corrections to the First Edition of Mr Pennants Account of London
Evenings at Home Or the Juvenile Budget Opened Consisting of a Variety of Miscellaneous Pieces of 6 Volume 3
The Merchants and Owners Friend Or Seamens Preserver
Evenings at Home Or the Juvenile Budget Opened Consisting of a Variety of Miscellaneous Pieces of 6 Volume 2
Observations on the Ventilation of Rooms On the Construction of Chimneys And on Garden Stoves Principally Collected from Papers Left by the Late John Whitehurst FRS
Tables for Readily Computing Longitude by the Lunar Observations Partly New and Partly Taken from the Requisite Tables of Dr Maskelyne with Their Application in a Variety of Rules and Examples by William Croswell AM Teacher of Navigation
Repertorium Or Some Account of the Tombs and Monuments in the Cathedral Church of Norwich Begun by Sir Thomas Browne and Continued from the Year 1680 to This Present Time
Interesting Collection of Curious Anecdotes Scarce Pieces and Genuine Letters by a Gentleman Formerly of Brazen-Nose College Oxford
A Third Letter Containing Some Further Remarks on a Few More of the Numberless Errors and Defects in Dugdales Baronage With Occasional Observations on Some Other Authors
The Rector Corrected Or Forgery Dissected and Laid Open In Answer to Edw Cockson His Book Fasly [sic] Called Quakerism Dissected and Laid Open by John Whiting
An Exposition of the Hair Powder Act Setting Forth Its Legal Operation With a Full Abstract of the ACT By a Barrister
A Bon Vin Point dEnseigne Comidie-Proverbe En Un Acte Reprisentie Pour La Premiire Fois Sur Le Thiatre Des Variitis Amusantes En 1781
Amelie Ou Le Duc de Foix Tragedie de Monsieur de Voltaire
LEmbaras Des Richesses Comedie the Plague of Riches a Comedy in French and English the English Translation by Mr Ozell
Remarks on a Late Publication Styled the History of the Politics of Great Britain France c c by William Belsham
The Alarm Or the Gentlemans Monitor Not Excepting the Ladies in Fifteen Essays with Some Poems And an Essay Upon the Times with Another Upon Fear by a Gentleman
Cosmology an Enquiry Into the Cause of What Is Called Gravitation or Attraction in Which the Motions of the Heavenly Bodies and the Preservation and Operations of All Nature Are Deduced from an Universal Principle of Efflux and Reflux
The Golden Fleece Or the Trade Interest and Well-Being of Great Britain Considered with Remarks on the Present Decay of Our Woollen Manufactures the Third Edition with Additions
Georgia Speculation Unveiled Second Part Containing the Third and Fourth Numbers With a Conclusion Addressed to the Northern Purchasers by Abraham Bishop
Platonis Apologia Socratis Crito Alcibiades Secundus Cebetis Thebani Tabula Xenophontis Prodici Hercules
Serino Or the Character of a Fine Gentleman With Reference to Religion Learning and the Conduct of Life in Which Are Included Six Poems by Mr Addison to Which Is Prefixed an Account of the Life and Writings of Joseph Addison Esq
News from Elysium Or Dialogues of the Dead Between Leopold Roman Emperor and Lewis XIV King of France by the Late Reverend James Anderson DD
Modern Philosophy and Barbarism Or a Comparison Between the Theory of Godwin and the Practice of Lycurgus by W C Proby
Reasons Offerd for Erecting a Bank in Ireland In a Letter to Hercules Rowley Esq By Henry Maxwell Esq
de lOrigine Et Des Progris dUne Science Nouvelle
A Roman Catechism With a Reply Thereto
Omar and Zemira An Eastern Tale Founded on the Piety of the Asiatics in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
The Perpetual Calculator Or Times Universal Standard in Three Parts by R Wetherald Philomath
Genuine Memoirs of the Celebrated Miss Maria Brown Exhibiting the Life of a Courtezan in the Most Fashionable Scenes of Dissipation Published by the Author of a Woman of Pleasure in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
The Pleasures of Reason Or the Hundred Thoughts of a Sensible Young Lady by R Gillet
Memoirs of Planetes or a Sketch of the Laws and Manners of Makar by Phileleutherus Devoniensis
Science Improved or the Theory of the Universe Comprehending a Rational System of the Most Useful as Well as Entertaining Parts of Natural and Experimental Philosophy Embellished with Copper-Plates by Thomas Harrington
Les Sept nEn Font Quun Comidie-Proverbe En Un Acte En Prose Reprisentie Pour La Premiire Fois i Paris Septembre 1785
High Life Below Stairs a Farce of Two Acts as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane the Fourth Edition
Three Essays On Picturesque Beauty On Picturesque Travel And on Sketching Landscape To Which Is Added a Poem on Landscape Painting by William Gilpin
Anecdotes of George Frederick Handel and John Christopher Smith with Select Pieces of Music Composed by J C Smith Never Before Published
Some Considerations Relating to the Present State of the Christian Religion Wherein the Nature End and Design of Christianity as Well as the Principal Evidence of the Truth of It Are Explained by Alexander Arscot
Sermons on the Following Subjects I the Advantages of National Repentance IV the Hope of Meeting Knowing and Rejoicing with Virtuous Friends in a Future World by William Steel Dickson
The Turnpike Gate A Musical Entertainment in Two Acts Now Performing at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden by T Knight Printed from the Copy-Right Purchased by John Astley Esq of the Author the Fourth Edition
Elements of Painting with Crayons by John Russell
City-Liberties Or the Rights and Privileges of Freemen Being a Concise Abridgment of All the Laws Charters By-Laws and Customs of London
Both Sides of the Gutter Or the Humours of the Regency Containing Every Thing Witty and Humourous Published During the Parliamentary Debates in Ireland on That Subject Third Edition with Considerable Additions
Vice Reclaimd Or the Passionate Mistress a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre Royal by Her Majestys Servants Written by Richard Wilkinson Gent
The Pens Dexterity Or the Ingenious and Useful Art of Writing Short-Hand Containing Twenty Copper-Plates by Jeremiah Rich the Sixteenth Edition
Arts Treasury of Rarities And Curious Inventions in Two Parts with Divers Other Curiosities the Fifth Edition
Love and Duty a Tragedy by Mr John Slade
Principles of Politeness and of Knowing the World By the Late Lord Chesterfield Methodised and Digested Under Distinct Heads with Additions by the Reverend Dr John Trusler Part I the Eighth Edition
An Introduction to the Skill of Musick In Three Books By John Playford the Nineteenth Edition Corrected and Done on the New-Tyd Note
Lord Chesterfields Advice to His Son on Men and Manners Or a New System of Education the Second Edition to Which Is Now Added the Marchioness de Lamberts Advice to Her Son
The Heavenly Observatory Or the Ocean Spiritually Considerd as Affording the Most Enlivening Instructions in Six Discourses by William Curtis
Divine Benevolence Asserted And Vindicated from the Objections of Ancient and Modern Sceptics by Thomas Balguy of 1 Volume 1
Ovids Epistles Translated by Eminent Persons Published by Sir Samuel Garth of 2 Volume 2
She Stoops to Conquer Or the Mistakes of a Night a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden Written by Doctor Goldsmith
Six Olympic Odes of Pindar Being Those Omitted by Mr West Translated Into English Verse with Notes
Observations on the Government and Laws of the United States of America Translated from the French of the Abbi de Mably with a Preface by the Translator
Catalogue Des Pierres Gravies Tant En Relief Quen Creux de Mylord Comte de Bessborough Dressi Par Laurent Natter
Cythereia Or New Poems Upon Love and Intrigue
Boileaus Lutrin A Mock-Heroic Poem in Six Cantos Renderd Into English Verse to Which Is Prefixd Some Account of Boileaus Writings and This Translation by N Rowe Esq
The Confederacy Or Boarding-School Rape Being the Tryal at Large with All the Pleadings Letters Informations c Between Abraham Magny a Jew John Crab and Others
Original Pieces Relative to the Trial and Execution of Mr John Calas Merchant at Toulouse Who Was Broke on the Wheel in That City for the Supposed Murder of His Eldest Son with a Preface and Remarks on the Whole by M de Voltaire
Remarks Upon a Letter from the Rev Dr Kennicott to the Printer of the General-Evening-Post Wherein the Printed Hebrew Text in Psalm XVI10 Is Vindicated by Richard Parry with the Letter Itself and Another That Occasioned It
Jephthahs Daughter a Dramatic Poem by Mrs Ann Wilson
Animadversions on the Practice of Tithing Under the Gospel Including Remarks on the Common Arguments Now Used in Support of Divers Ecclesiastical Impositions in This Nation Especially as They Relate to Dissenters by Joseph Phipps
Phidri Fabuli Or Phidruss Fables with the Following Improvements In a Method Intirely New Viz the Words of the Author Are Placed According to Their Grammatical Construction Below Every Fable by John Stirling the Ninth Edition
Giphantia Or a View of What Has Passed What Is Now Passing And During the Present Century What Will Pass in the World Translated from the Original French with Explanatory Notes of 2 Volume 2
LEvangile Du Jour Contenant Colimaions (Les) Du Reverend Pere lEscarbotier Remontrances Du Corps Des Pasteurs Du Givaudan of 1 Volume 1
Lettres Historiques Politiques Et Critiques Didiies i La Nation Belgique Par Un Observateur Impartial
Observations on the Third Fourth and Fifth Chapters of the Book of Genesis by TW Wrighte
Ethices Elementa or the First Principles of Moral Philosophy and Especially That Part of It Which Is Called Ethics in a Chain of Necessary Consequences from Certain Facts [nine Lines of Quotations] by Aristocles
Orlando and Seraphina Or the Funeral Pile an Heroic Drama in Three Acts by Francis Lathom as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Norwich
A Brief Concordance or Table to the Bible of the Last Translation by John Downame
Lettres Historiques Politiques Et Critiques dUn Observateur Impartial
Dissertation Sur La Difference de Deux Anciennes Religions La Grecque Et La Romaine Par M lAbbi Coyer
Two Dissertations Concerning the Etymology and Scripture-Meaning of the Hebrew Words Elohim and Berith Occasioned by Some Notions Lately Advanced in Relation to Them by Thomas Sharp
A Description of Kentucky in North America To Which Are Prefixed Miscellaneous Observations Respecting the United States
Young Hocus or the History of John Bull During the Years 1783 1784 1785 1786 1787 1788 1789 a Novel by Sir W- L- K- with Notes Critical and Explanatory Volume I
Connecticut Republicanism an Oration on the Extent and Power of Political Delusion Delivered in New-Haven on the Evening Preceding the Public Commencement September 1800 by Abraham Bishop [five Lines of Quotations]
Letters Addressed to Sir Thomas Charles Bunbury Member of Parliament for the County of Suffolk by a Freeholder
A Supplement to the Conduct of the King of Prussia c Investigated by Lady Wallace the Second Edition
The German Spie Truly Discovering the Deplorable Condition of the Kingdom and Subjects of the French King Being an Abstract of the Several Years Observations of a Gentleman Who Made That the Peculiar Business of His Travels
The Case of Christopher Byron Late an Officer in His Majestys Post-Office Dublin
The Works of the Reverend Dr Edward Young in Six Volumes Carefully Compared and Corrected by the Authors Edition to Which Is Prefixed an Account of the Life of the Author of 6 Volume 5
The History of Jasper Banks Commonly Calld the Handsome Man in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 1
The Confederacy of Kings Against the Freedom of the World Being Free Thoughts Upon the Present State of French Politics A Vindication of the National Assembly in Suspending Louis XVI in Three Letters Addressed to Edmund Burke
A Candid Review of the Most Important Occurrences That Took Place in Ireland During the Last Three Years in a Letter Addressed to George Stacpoole Esq
A Dissuasive from Entering Into Holy Orders in a Letter to a Young Gentleman c
An Appeal to the Public in Behalf of the Church of England in America by Thomas Bradbury Chandler the Second Edition Corrected by the Author
An Examination of the First Six Books of Euclids Elements by William Austin
An Essay on the Indispensible Necessity of a Holy and Good Life to the Happiness of Heaven by William Wishart
A Letter to the Rt Hon Lord Grenville One of His Majestys Principal Secretaries of State c in Which the Present State of the British Nation Is Considered in Comparison with the Present State of the French Nation
A Treatise Upon Gravel and Upon Gout in Which the Sources of Each Are Investigated and Effectual Means of Preventing or of Removing These Diseases Recommended
The Divine Institution of Bishops Having Churches Consisting of Many Congregations Examined by Scripture by Alexander Lauder
The Beggars Opera Written by Mr Gay a New Edition
A Reply to Mr Maxwells Answer to Mr Kirklands Essay on Fevers Wherein the Utility of the Practice of Suppressing Them Is Further Exemplified Vindicated and Enforced by Thomas Kirkland Surgeon
A Scripture Catechism for Children Collected Out of the Whole Body of the Scriptures for the Instructing of Youth with the Word of the Lord in the Beginning by Ambrose Rigge
The Secret History of the White-Staff Being an Account of Affairs Under the Conduct of Some Late Ministers and of What Might Probably Have Happened If Her Majesty Had Not Died the Second Edition
A Free Enquiry Into the Authenticity of the First and Second Chapters of St Matthews Gospel
The True State of the Case in an Address to All the Good People of England from a Well-Wisher to His Country
A Letter to Granville Sharp Esq on the Proposed Abolition of the Slave Trade
A Collection of All the Political Letters in the London Journal to December 17 Inclusive 1720 the Second Edition
An Essay Concerning the Restoration of Primitive Christianity in a Conduct Truly Pious and Religious
Directions for Daily Communion with God in Three Discourses Shewing How to Begin How to Spend and How to Close Every Day with God by Matthew Henry the Fifth Edition
The Line of Proportion or Numbers Commonly Called Gunters Line Made Easie By Which May Be Measured All Manner of Superficies and Solids the Eighth Edition Carefully Corrected and Other New Ways of Measuring Added by William Leybourn
Paraboles Ou Fables Et A tres Petites Narrations dUn Citoyen de la R publique Chr tienne Du Dix-Huiti me Si cle Par C sar De-Missy Troisi me dition Revue Et Corrig e Par lAuteur
The Reality and Authority of Our Blessed Saviours Miracles Defended In Answer to All the Material Objections Which Have Been Raised Against Them Both Antient and Modern by Alexander Jephson
The Builders Jewel Or the Youths Instructor and Workmans Remembrancer by B and T Langley a New Edition
Poems by Mrs Hughes
The Life of Michael de Cervantes Saavedra Written by Don Gregorio Mayins Siscir Translated from the Spanish Manuscript by Mr Ozell
The Devout Christians Daily Companion and Exercise in Devotion Containing a Posie of Prayers to Which Are Added Meditations by R Russel the Fourth Edition
Measuring Made Easy Or the Description and Use of Coggeshalls Sliding-Rule to Which Is Now Added the Description of Seamozzis Lines by J Good Carefully Corrected and Much Enlargd by J Atkinson Sen
Christian Songs to Which Is Prefixed the Evidence and Import of Christs Resurrection Versified for the Help of the Memory the Fourth Edition
Bartholomew Fair a Comedy Acted in the Year 1614 by the Lady Elizabeths Servants the Author B J
Two Sermons on the Nature and Evil of Professors of Religion Not Bridling the Tongue by David Avery Pastor of a Congregational Church in Wrentham [six Lines of Scripture Texts]
Anti-Revolutionary Thoughts of a Revolutionary Writer From the Secret History of the Revolution of France by Monsieur Franiois Pagis
for the Use of Schools the Fifteenth Edition Corrected with Additions by James Greenwood
The Known God Or the Author of Nature Unveild Being an Explanation and Vindication of Impartial Enquiry Into the Existence and Nature of God the Christian Religion Founded on Reason and Free Thoughts Concerning Souls by S Colliber
Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis de Diarrhoea Quam Pro Gradu Doctoris Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Campbell Betham
A Picture of Christian Philosophy Or a Theological Philosophical and Practical Illustration of the Character of Jesus with Strictures on Various Topics by Robert Fellowes
Answers to Queries Concerning Some Important Points of Religion Occasiond by a Late Sermon of the Bishop of Bangor at S Jamess Chappel by John Cockburn
The Complete Maltster and Brewer Being a Brief Dissertation in Defence of Long Grown Malts to Which Is Subjoined a Short Appendix Shewing the True and Ancient Method of Making and Brewing Long Malts by a Well-Wisher to His Country
A Treatise of the Holy Sacrament of the Lords Supper to Which Is Added Meditations by Robert Russel the Fourth Edition
Observations on American Independency
Amddiffyniad Yn Erbyn y Cyhoeddiadau a Wasgarwyd Yn Ddiweddar Gan y Sosiniaid a Osodwyd Allan Gan Wr Eglwysig at Ei Blwyfogion at Ba Un y Chwanegwyd Pregeth AR y Drindod Yn Undod
Visions in Verse for the Entertainment and Instruction of Younger Minds
Twelve Songs and a Cantata Set to Musick in Score and Are Most Humbly Inscribed to Mrs Trevanion by Her Most Obedient and Most Humble Servant Charles Bennett
Extracts from the Latter Will and Codicil of Professor John Anderson
de Legione Manliana Qu stio Ex Livio Desumpta Et Rei Militaris Roman Studiosis Proposita Auctore Gulielmo Vincent
A Lash at Enthusiasm in a Dialogue Founded Upon Real Facts Between Mrs Clinker and Miss Martha Steady
Miscellaneous Pieces in Verse and Prose by J---N C------Y Dedicated to the Gentlemen of the Army
The Mission and Duty of Civil Governours and the Deference Due to Them a Sermon Preachd Before the Lord-Mayor of London September 29 1742 by Samuel Smith
Comus a Mask Presented at Ludlow-Castle MDCXXXIV Before the Earl of Bridgewater Then President of Wales
Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis de Phthisi Pulmonali a Catarrho Orta Quam Pro Gradu Doctoratus Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Joannes Henrysone
New System of Finance as Detailed in the Following Speech of the Rt Honourable William Pitt in the House of Commons on Friday November the 24th 1797
Homerides Or a Letter to Mr Pope Occasiond by His Intended Translation of Homer by Sir Iliad Doggrel the Second Edition Amended and Enlarged
Thoughts on the Necessity of Moral Discipline in Prisons as Preliminary to the Religious Instruction of Offenders With Observations on the Expediency of Appointing by Authority a Form of Prayer for the Use of Prisoners by Thomas Bowen
Extract of the Process of Treason At the Instance of Sir James Steuart Her Majesties Advocat and as Having Special Warrand for That Effect Against James Stirling of Keir and Others
Chinese Maxims Translated from the Oeconomy of Human Life Into Heroic Verse in Seven Parts by Susannah Watts
Remarks on the Voyages of John Meares Esq in a Letter to That Gentleman by George Dixon
Disputatio Medica Inauguralis de Pulmonitide Quam Pro Gradu Doctoris Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Perses Phelan
The Traveller A Poem by Dr Goldsmith
M moire Sur La N cessite de Construire Hors de la Ville Un H tel-Dieu Commode Et Spacieux Par lAuteur Du Projet dHopital Des Malades
Democratic Principles Illustrated by Example by Peter Porcupine Part the First Eighth Edition
Arsinoe Queen of Cyprus an Opera After the Italian Manner as It Is Performd at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane by Her Majestys Servants
New Designs for Chinese Doors Windows Piers by Will and John Halfpenny Part III
Proposals for Printing by Subscription the Second Volume of the History of the Saracens by Simon Ockley
Concerti Grossi Composti a 3 4 5 6 7 8 Parti Reali Da F Geminiani Opa VII
Eugenio Or Virtuous and Happy Life a Poem Inscribd to Mr Pope
The Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephemeris for the Year 1801 Published by Order of the Commissioners of Longitude
The Woodman a Comic Opera in Three Acts As Performed at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden with Universal Applause by Mr Bate Dudley the Third Edition
The Beauties of the Millenium In Familiar Conversations Between Two Friends Who Are Supposed to Make the Tour of the Holy Land in That Happy Period Interspersed with Many Delightful Descriptions
An Estimate of the Manners and Principles of the Modern French by Monsieur Helvetius with Notes by the Translator
The Jew of Venice a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre in Little-Lincolns-Inn-Fields by His Majestys Servants
The Female igis Or the Duties of Women from Childhood to Old Age and in Most Situations of Life Exemplified Embellished with a Frontispiece
The Politicks on Both Sides with Regard to Foreign Affairs Stated from Their Own Writings with Some Observations on the Present State of Affairs in Great Britain and the Effects of Our Negotiations for Several Years Past
A Narrative of the Debate in the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland May 25 1779 Occasioned by Apprehensions of an Intended Repeal of the Penal Statutes Against Papists
The History of Clorana the Beautiful Arcadian Or Virtue Triumphant
A Constituents Answer to the Reflexions of a Member of Parliament Upon the Present State of Affairs at Home and Abroad
The Daily Words of the Brethrens Congregation for the Year 1772
The History of the Famous Town of Hallifax in Yorkshire Being a Description Thereof
The Constitutional Pamphlet Dedicated to the Inhabitants of Covent-Garden Relative to the Present Occasion of the Inspection of All the Books Papers and Title-Deeds of the Estates Belonging to the Said Parish by John Gibson
A Copy of the Poll for Knights of the Shire for the County of Hertford Taken at the Town of Hertford June 23d 1790 Samuel Robert Gaussen Esquire Sheriff Candidates William Plumer William Baker William Hale
The Poetical Works of Lord Lyttelton
The History of the Proceedings in the Case of Margaret Commonly Called Peg Only Lawful Sister to John Bull Esq -
An Account of the Institution and Proceedings of the Guardians of the Asylum Or House of Refuge Situate in the Parish of Lambeth in the County of Surry for the Reception of Orphan Girls
A Catalogue of the Library at Bamburgh Castle in the County of Northumberland Divided Into Three Alphabetical Parts Published by Order of the Trustees of the Estates of Nathanael Late Lord Crewe
The Candidates Guide Or the Electors Rights Decided Shewing the Determination of the Rights of Elections by the Honble the Commons of Great Britain in All Contraverted Elections
A Catalogue of Several Valuable Libraries and Collections of Books Lately Purchased Containing Upwards of Twenty Thousand Volumes (Ancient and Modern) Which Will Be Sold by Thomas Wilson and Son in High Ousegate York
The Duty of Citizens in the Present Crisis the Third Edition
The Friends of Mr Hastings Wishing to Convey to the Proprietory at Large as Full an Account as Possible of the Proceedings Which Took Place at the East India-House on Thursday Last Beg Leave to Submit to Them the Following Papers
The New Vocal Miscellany Or a Fountain of Pure Harmony Containing Sixty New Songs (Not One of Which Ever Appeared in Print Before ) to Which Is Added a Humorous Cantata Called the Alehouse Politicians by William Collins
The Complete Bird-Fancyer or Bird-Fancyers Recreation Together with an Account of All Their Distempers by George Wright
The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Wherein Are Containd Several Strange and Surprizing Accounts of All His Travels Vol II Written Originally by Himself and Now Faithfully Abridgd the Fourth Edition of 2 Volume 2
A Full Answer to the Essay on Spirit Wherein All the Authors Objections Both Scriptural and Philosophical to the Doctrine of the Trinity Are Examined and Confuted
The History of Sandford and Merton Altered from the Original for the Amusement and Instruction of Juvenile Minds with Cuts by Bewick
The Death of Abel in Five Books Attempted from the German of Mr Gessner the Thirteenth Edition
A Consolatory Letter to a Noble Lord the Sixth Edition
A Second Essay Upon the Nature Manner and End of the Christian Revelation in Which Is Contained a Full and Distinct Answer So Far to All That Is Material in Christianity as Old as the Creation by Christopher Robinson MA
A Letter to a Young Lady on the Sacrament with a Summary of the Evidence for Christianity in Two Parts
The Whole Duty of Prayer Containing Devotions for Every Day and for Several Occasions by the Author of the Whole Duty of Man
A Report from the Commissioners Appointed to Take Examine and State the Publick Accompts of the Kingdom
A Compendious Grammar of the Latin Tongue by Charles Dun
The Miser a Comedy Taken from Plautus and Moliere as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants by Henry Fielding Esq
A Catechism Or the Principles of the Christian Religion
The Age of Reason Part the Second Being an Investigation of True and of Fabulous Theology by Thomas Paine Second Edition
A Warning-Piece for English Protestants on Occasion of the Present More Than Ordinary Growth of Popery Containing a True History of the Massacres of Ireland Piedmont and France the Speech of Pope Sixtus Quintus
The Odyssey of Homer Translated by Alexander Pope of 3 Volume 2
A Letter to Sir Phil Jen Clerke Chairman of the Committee of the House of Commons to Whom the Petition of Benjamin Lacam Sole Proprietor of New Harbour in Bengal Was Referred
The Christian Oeconomy Translated from the Original Greek of an Old Manuscript Found in the Island of Patmos Where St John Wrote His Book of the Revelation
An Essay on Man by Alex Pope Esq
The Conscious Lovers a Comedy by Sir Richard Steele
Dominio Spirituale E Temporale del Papa O Siano Ricerche Sul Vicario Di Gesi Cristo E Il Principe Di Roma Il
The Works of Alexander Pope Esq Vol II Part II Containing All Such Pieces of This Author as Were Written Since the Former Volumes and Never Before Publishd in Octavo of 2 Volume 2
Two Essays the First Essay Concerning the Creation therial Bodies and Offices of Good and Bad Angels the Second Essay Concerning the Mosaic System of the World by Sir John Floyer
Historical and Critical Remarks on the History of Charles XII King of Sweden by Mr de Voltaire Designd as a Supplement to That Work in a Letter to the Author by Mr de la Motraye Translated from the French
Poetical Attempts by Mrs Hale
A Family Tablet Containing a Selection of Original Poetry [seven Lines from Akenside]
Calvary Or the Death of Christ a Poem in Eight Books by Richard Cumberland a New Edition in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
English Lyricks by W Smyth the Second Edition
Rule a Wife and Have a Wife a Comedy by Beaumont and Fletcher
Galwad at Orseddfaingc y Gris Fel Nan Condemnir O Flaen Gorseddfaingc Barn Neu Ymddiddanion Ynghylch Gweddi Yr AIL Argraphiad Gan Weinidog O Eglwys Loegr
A Bold Stroke for a Husband a Comedy Written by the Ingenious Mrs Cowley and Performed Forty Nights Last Season at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden
Classes Fossilium Sive Characteres Naturales Et Chymici Classium Et Ordinum in Systemate Minerali Cum Nominibus Genericis Adscriptis in Usus Academicos
Coup-dOeil Sur litat Politique de la Grande-Bretagne Au Commencement de lAnnie 1787 Traduit de lAnglois Sur La Sixieme idition
A Guide to Communicants Or the Common Christian Instructed in the Doctrine of the Eucharist Being an Extract Out of Dr Waterlands Review of That Doctrine by Joseph Hoole
Methode Courte Facile Pour Aprendre Les Humanit s Greques Latines Par Mr Tan Le Fevre
Letters of the Earl of Shaftesbury Author of the Characteristicks Collected Into One Volume
The New Bath Guide Or Memoirs of the B-R-D Family in a Series of Poetical Epistles the Seventh Edition
Luxury No Political Evil But Demonstratively Proved to Be Necessary to the Preservation and Prosperity of States Addressed to the British Senate
The Duty of Public Worship Proved With Directions for a Devout Behaviour Therein by Francis Fox the Fourteenth Edition Corrected
Poems by Mr Gray a New Edition
Williamsons Directory for the City of Edinburgh Canongate Leith and Suburbs from the 25th May 1773 to 25th May 1774
Medals Coins Great Seals and Other Works of Thomas Simon Engraved and Described by George Vertue the Second Edition with Additional Plates and Notes and an Appendix by the Editor
Tancred and Sigismunda a Tragedy Written by James Thomson Esq Marked with the Variations in the Managers Book at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane
In Two Books with Some Other Poems by James Beattie LLD to Which Are Now Added Miscellanies by James Hay Beattie AM with an Account of His Life and Character in Two Volumes [a New Edition] of 2 Volume 1
Free Thoughts Upon the Brute-Creation Wherein Father Bougeants Philosophical Amusement c Is Examined in Two Letters to a Lady by John Hildrop the Third Edition
A Reply to Mr Abraham Bourns Free and Candid Considerations Shewing the Impropriety and Incompetency of That Work Considered as an Answer to the Preface (of a Book Not Yet Published) Intitled the Christianity of the New Testament
The Gentlemans Diary or the Mathematical Repository An Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1798
The Principles of the Roman-Catholics Exhibited in Some Useful Observations on a Pamphlet Intituled Plain Matters of Fact Humbly Recommended to the Consideration of the Roman-Catholics of Ireland
An Essay on the Great Affinity and Mutual Agreement of the Two Professions of Divinity and Law and on the Joint Interests of Church and State in Vindication of the Clergys Concerning Themselves in Political Matters
The Toast an Epic Poem in Four Books Written in Latin by Frederick Scheffer Done Into English by Peregrine O Donald Esq Vol I of 1 Volume 1
The Free Masons Pocket Companion Being a Choice Collection of the Most Celebrated Masonic Songs to Which Is Added a Variety of Humorous Songs Sung at Vauxhall
An Essay on the Culture and Management of Hemp More Particularly for the Purpose of Making Coarse Linens [two Lines in Latin from Virgil] by a Farmer
An Impartial View of the Causes Leading This Country to the Necessity of an Union In Which the Two Leading Characters of the State Are Contrasted Third Edition
The Case of MR John Gordon with Respect to the Title to Certain Lands in East Florida Purchased of His Catholick Majestys Subjects by Him and MR Jesse Fish in Conformity to the Twentieth Article of the Last Definitive Treaty of Peace
A Political Romance Addressed to - - Esq of York to Which Is Subjoined a Key
An Historical Account of the Plague and Other Pestilential Distempers with Their Nature Causes and Cure and Several Remarkable Cases and Experiments Relating to Thereto by R Goodwin MD
The Cure of the Miliary Fever to Which Is Annexd Advice to the Apothecaries by Charles Hales Surgeon the Second Edition
The History of Oliver Cromwel Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England Scotland and Ireland by R B the Fourth Edition Inlarged
The Female Gamester a Tragedy by Gorges Edmond Howard Esq
A Grey-Cap for a Green-Head in a Dialogue Between Father and Son the First American Edition from the Fourth British Edition
A Rational and Moral Game Or a Method to Accustom Young People to Reflect on the Most Essential Truths of Morality And Reason on the Remarkable Events of History Translated from the French of the Abbi Gaultier
A Sacramental Catechism Designed for Communicants Old and Young by James Oliphant the Fourth Edition with Improvements
The Acceptableness of the Gospel and the Ministry of It Considered in a Sermon Preached at the Ordination of the Reverend John Kirkup AM at South Petherton Somerset November the 11th 1747 by Richard Pearsall
The British Songster Or Dibdins Delight Being a Collection of the Most Favorite Songs Selected from the Woodman Surrender of Calais No Song No Supper c c with the Most Approved Songs of Dibdin and Other Celebrated Authors
A Letter to a Friend Concerning Mr Bowless Late Book of Church-Government
The Case of the Schedule Stated Wherein an Account Is Given of the Rise and Design of That Instrument and of the Influence It Hath on the Adjournments of the Lower House of Convocation
The Princess of Cleve Acted at the Queens-Theatre in Dorset-Garden by Nathanael Lee Gent
The Fair Circassian a Dramatic Performance Done from the Original by a Gentleman-Commoner of Oxford the Second Edition Corrected to Which Are Added Several Occasional Poems by the Same Author
A Journal of the Most Remarkable Occurrences That Took Place in Rome Upon the Subversion of the Ecclesiastical Government in 1798 by Richard Duppa
A Short Historical Account of Bristol Bridge With a Proposition for a New Stone Bridge from Temple Side to the Opposite Shore by a Citizen
An Essay on the Bite of a Mad Dog by Daniel Peter Layard
An Account of Cures by Velnos Vegetable Syrup in Disorders Deriving Their Origin or Malignity from Scorbutic Impurities Or Obstructions in the Lymphatic System by Isaac Swainson
A Treatise on the Infantile Remittent Fever by William Butter
The Gentleman and Citizens Almanack (by John Watson Bookseller ) for the Year of Our Lord 1736
The Sermons of Mr Yorick a New Edition of 6 Volume 6
A Short Historical View of the Controversy Concerning an Intermediate State and the Separate Existence of the Soul Between Death and the General Resurrection with an Appendix
The Provokd Husband Or a Journey to London a Comedy by Sir John Vanbrugh C Cibber Esq Adapted for Theatrical Representation as Performed at the Theatres-Royal Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden
The Earl of Warwick a Tragedy as It Is Performd at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane the Second Edition
The History of All the Mobs Tumults and Insurrections in Great Britain from William the Conqueror to the Present Time to Which Is Added the Act of Parliament and Proclamation Lately Publishd for Punishing Rioters
An Essay on Ways and Means for Raising Money for the Support of the Present War Without Increasing the Public Debts Inscribed to the Right Honourable George Lord Anson by Francis Fauquier the Second Edition
A Sermon Preached at St Marys Kilkenny Sunday the 7th of January 1797 on the Providential Dispersion of the Enemys Fleet and the Deliverance of This Kingdom from Threatened Invasion by the Right Rev Thomas Lewis OBeirne
The Platonic Wife a Comedy as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by a Lady
The Life and Adventures of Gilbert Langley Formerly of Serle-Street Near Lincolns-Inn Goldsmith Written by Himself in Maidstone-Goal When Under Condemnation for a Robbery Committed on the Highway
The Refusal Or the Ladies Philosophy a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Smock-Alley by Colley Cibber Esq
A Letter to the Right Hon the Earl of Charlemont on the Tellograph and on the Defence of Ireland by Richard Lovell Edgeworth Esq
The Earl of Warwick a Tragedy by Dr Franklin Adapted for Theatrical Representation as Performed at the Theatres-Royal Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden Regulated from the Prompt-Books
The Birds of Great-Britain with Their Eggs Accurately Figured by William Lewin of 7 Volume 3
The Provokd Wife a Comedy by Sir John Vanbrugh as Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane Regulated from the Prompt-Book by Mr Hopkins Prompter
The City Wives Confederacy a Comedy as Written by Sir John Vanbrugh as Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane Regulated from the Prompt-Book by Mr Hopkins Prompter Bells Edition
The Disappointment Or the Force of Credulity a New American Comic-Opera in Three Acts by Andrew Barton Esq Second Edition Revised and Corrected with Large Additions by the Author [four Lines of Verse]
Table Talk Being the Discourses of John Selden Esq or His Sense of Various Matters Relating Especially to Religion and State a New Edition to Which Is Added the Life of the Author
City and Country Recreation Or Wit and Merriment Rightly Calculated for the Pleasure and Advantage of Either Sex in Two Parts to Which Is Added the Misery of Gaming
Les Femmes Beaux-Esprits Ou Les Beaux-Esprits Femelles Comidie En Cinq Actes Et En Vers
Steels Naval Remembrancer Or the Gentlemans Maritime Chronology of the Various Transactions of the Late War from Its Commencement to the Important Period of Signing the Preliminary Articles on the 20th of January 1783
She Stoops to Conquer Or the Mistakes of a Night a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden Written by Doctor Goldsmith the Fifth Edition
Vindicii Regii Or a Defence of the Kingly Office in Two Letters to Earl Stanhope the Second Edition
A Treatise on Trade Or the Antiquity and Honour of Commerce Addressed to the Country-Gentlemen of England
Hai Tou Aischylou Choephoroi Aeschyli Choephorae Ex Editione Stanleiana
A Description of a Set of Prints of Scripture History Contained in a Set of Easy Lessons by Mrs Trimmer
A Tutor for the Beaus Or Love in a Labyrinth a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre Royal in Lincolns-Inn-Fields Written by Mr Hewitt
Les Eaux Minirales Comidie En Prose Et En Deux Actes Composi Au Printemps de lAnnie 1778 Par Mr Clairville Citoyen de Maestricht
Lettres Chirakiesiennes Mises En Franiois de la Traduction Italienne Par J J Rufus Sauvage Europien
The Self-Enamourd Or the Ladies Doctor a Comedy as It Is Now Acting at the City-Theatre in Caple-Street by P H MD
The Insolvent Or Filial Piety a Tragedy Acted at the Theatre in the Hay-Market (by Authority) Under the Direction of Mr Cibber Written by the Late Aaron Hill
Socrates a Tragedy of Three Acts Translated from the French of Monsieur de Voltaire
LAnti Anglois Par M de Monbron
Advice to the Officers of the British Army a New Impression with Considerable Additions
Monarchy No Creature of Gods Making Wherein Is Proved by Scripture and Reason That Monarchial Government Is Against the Mind of God by John Cooke
Political Lectures (No I) on the Moral Tendency of a System of Spies and Informers and the Conduct to Be Observed by the Friends of Liberty During the Continuance of Such a System by J Thelwall
A Looking-Glass for a Right Honourable Mendicant Or the Real Character of a Certain Great Orator With Important Political Observations In Particular the Marrow of the Slave Question by an Old Member of Parliament
The Two English Gentlemen Or the Sham Funeral a Comedy By James Stewart
Farriery Improved Or a Complete Treatise on the Art of Farriery to Which Is Prefixed Ten Minutes Advice to the Purchasers of Horses by Henry Bracken a New Edition
Every Man His Own Judge Or Grandeur and Utility Pointed Out in the Formation of a Horse to Which Is Added the Most Approved Method of Breeding and Training Up Young Colts by Thomas Hornby Morland
The History of Herod and Mariamne Collected and Compild from the Best Historians and Serving to Illustrate the Fable of Mr Fentons Tragedy of That Name
The History of Eliza Musgrove of 2 Volume 1
A Collecion [sic] of Psalms Proper to Be Sung at Churches And Suited to the Several Parts of Divine Service the Whole Collected Out of the New Version and Set to the Most Approved Tunes
A Summary of Doctrinal and Practical Religion by Way of Question and Answer with an Introduction Shewing the Importance and Advantage of a Religious Education the Sixth Edition Corrected
The Four First Rules of Arithmetic with a Useful Collection of Tables of Weights and Measure
Patriote Ou Pr servatif Contre lAnglomanie Dialogue En Vers Suivi de Quelques Notes Sur Les Brochures Qui Ont t Publi es Au Sujet Des Etats-G n raux Par lAuteur Du Voyage dAm rique Le
The British Constitution Invulnerable Animadversions on a Late Publication Entitled the Jockey Club the Second Edition
A List of the Absentees of Ireland and the Yearly Value of Their Estates and Incomes Spent Abroad with Observations on the Present State and Condition of That Kingdom
An Inquiry Into Some of the Causes of the Ill Situation of the Affairs of Ireland With Some Reflexions on the Trade Manufactures c of England
An Examination of the Rev Mr Elliots Opinion Respecting the Mode of Baptism and the Scriptures on Which It Is Founded in a Late Work Entitled Dipping Not Baptizing
A Spelling Book for the Use of Ackworth School
An Essay on the Increase and Decline of Trade in London and the Out-Ports Wherein Is Shewn That Monopolies Have Been the Ruin of Several Branches of the London Commerce
The New Eloisa Or the History of Mr Sedley and Miss Wentworth in a Series of Letters by a Lady in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 1
A Collection of Papers Lately Printed in the Daily Advertiser to Which Is Added a Letter to Mr William Seward from Mr Joseph Periam
An Accurate Description and History of the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St Peter York Illustrated with Copper-Plates to Which Are Added Catalogues of the Archbishops Deans VolI of 2 Volume 1
The By-Laws and Town-Orders of the Town of Boston Made and Passed at Several Meetings in 1785 and 1786 and Duly Approved by the Court of Sessions
A Fathers Advice to His Son Written Chiefly for the Perusal of Young Gentlemen
The Life and Death of Captain John Porteous with an Account of the Two Bills as They Were Reasoned in Both Houses of Parliament and the Speeches of the Great Men on Both Sides Concerning Them
A Selection of Hymns and Psalms Chiefly Designed for the Church of Helions Bumpsted Essex by the Rev Henry Rogers
An Historical Narrative of the Discovery of New Holland and New South Wales Containing an Account of the Inhabitants Soil Animals Illustrated with a Chart
The Poll for Knights of the Shire for the County of Surrey Taken at Guildford October 1774
An Apology for the Life of George Anne Bellamy Late of Covent Garden Theatre Written by Herself to Which Is Annexed Her Original Letter to John Calcraft in Five Volumes of 5 Volume 5
The Scarborough Miscellany for the Year 1733 a Collection of Original Poems Tales Songs Epigrams c Containing I Scarborough a Poem in Imitation of Mr Gays Journey to Exeter
The History of the Feuds and Conflicts Among the Clans in the Northern Parts of Scotland and in the Western Isles From the Year MXXXI Unto MDCXIX to Which Is Added a Collection of Curious Songs in the Gallic Language
The Way of the World a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre in Lincolns-Inn-Fields by His Majestys Servants Written by Mr Congreve
The Careless Husband a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre Royal by Her Majestys Servants Written by C Cibber
The Pilgrim a Comedy in Five Acts Written Originally by Fletcher Afterwards Altered by Dryden Now Revived at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane
An Essay Upon Money and Coins Part I the Theories of Commerce Money and Exchanges
The Massacre of Paris a Tragedy by Nathaniel Lee
The Gentlemans Guide in His Tour Through France Wrote by an Officer in the Royal-Navy
The Orphan of China a Tragedy by Arthur Murphy Esq as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane
The Old Batchelour a Comedy Written by Mr Congreve
An Essay to Encourage and Extend the Linen-Manufacture in Ireland by Primiums and Other Means by Thomas Prior Esq Th [sic] Second Edition with a PostScript
The Harp of Hermes Poems by Thos Nicholls
The Rights and Privileges of Parlements Asserted Upon Constitutional Principles Against the Modern Anticonstitutional Clames of Chief Governors by C Lucas the Second Edition
A Tour Made in Italy in the Year 1769
The Lord Bishop of Exeters Answer to Mr Hoadlys Letter the Second Edition
A True Account of the Proceedings at Perth The Debates in the Secret Council There With the Reasons and Causes of the Suddain Finishing and Breaking Up of the Rebellion Written by a Rebel
The Art of Musick by John Frederick Lampe
A Catalogue of Books for 1793 Containing Several Valuable Collections Lately Purchased the Books Are Now on Sale by Henry Chapman
A Catalogue of the Entire Libraries of the Right Rev John Thomas Sir William Calvert and of an Eminent Physician and Naturalist the Sale Will Begin on Tuesday the 24th of February 1767 by Benjamin White
An Appeal to the Nation on the Subject of Mr Gilbert Wakefields Letter to William Wilberforce Esq MP to Which Are Subjoined Four Sermons by the Rev George Hutton
Communications Respecting the External and Internal Use of Nitrous Acid Demonstrating Its Efficacy in Every Form of Venereal Disease and Extending Its Use to Other Complaints With Original Facts and a Preliminary Discourse
The Dispensary a Poem in Six Cantos the Fifth Edition
A Catalogue of Several Valuable Libraries and Collections of Books Including a Copious Assortment of the Best Greek and Latin Classics Which Will Be Selling on Monday June 9th 1783 by William Cater
An Unfortunate Mothers Advice to Her Absent Daughters in a Letter to Miss Pennington the Sixth Edition
A Full and Candid Answer to a Pamphlet Entitled Considerations on the Present German War
The Carpenter of Oxford Or the Millers Tale from Chaucer Attempted in Modern English by Samuel Cobb MA to Which Are Added Two Imitations of Chaucer I Susannah and the Two Elders II Earl Roberts Mice by Matthew Prior Esq
The History of Notorious Highwaymen Amongst Others Are the Famous Du Vall Gilder Roy Hinton Captain Uratz for Robbing Mr Thynne c
An Exact List of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal with an Alphabetical List I of the Counties Cities and Boroughs with Their Representatives P20 II of the Knights Citizens and Burgesses of the Present Parliament
Recueil de Contes of 2 Volume 1
Or Some Helps to the Religion of Children from Seven to Twelve Years of Age Collected Out of the Larger Books of Prayers and Catechisms for Childhood and Youth by I Watts DD the Tenth Edition
LArt de Corriger Et de Rendre Les Hommes Constans
Or Royal Melody Complete in Two Volumes Vol I Containing I a New and Correct Introduction to the Grounds of Musick Rudemental Practical and Techrical the Sixth Edition with Additions of 2 Volume 1
The Man of Pleasure Or Memoirs of Willm Wilding Esq Written by Himself
Six Letters to the Rev Mr George Whitefield the First Second and Third on the Subject of Justification the Fourth Containing Remarks on a Pamphlet Entitled the Second Edition
No Cross No Crown a Discourse Shewing the Nature and Discipline of the Holy Cross of Christ And That the Denial of Self Is the Alone Way to the Kingdom of God in Two Parts by William Penn the Fourteenth Edition of 2 Volume 2
The Double-Dealer a Comedy
The Ladys Scull A Poem and a Few Other Select Pieces by N Douglas
A Certain Information of a Certain Discourse That Happend at a Certain Gentlemans House in a Certain County Written by a Certain Person Then Present to a Certain Friend Now at London the Fourth Edition
Partly Translated from Mr Berquin of 12 Volume 12
The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Formed Into a Regular History of Our Saviour Embellished with Some Few Cuts
Partly Translated from Mr Berquin of 12 Volume 2
The Farmers Journey to London a Farce in Three Acts
Collections for the History of Hampshire and the Bishopric of Winchester Including the Isles of Wight Jersey Guernsey and Sarke by D Y with the Original Domesday of the County Accurate English Translation in Six Volumes of 5 Volume 5
Tentamen Inaugurale Anatomicum Et Physiologicum de Differentiis Inter Foetum Et Adultum Harum Usus Et Mutationes Quae in Prioris Corpore Post Partum Fiunt Recensens Quod Pro Gradu Doctoris Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Jacobus Gerard
The Clandestine Marriage a Comedy
The Choleric Man a Comedy as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by Richard Cumberland Esq the Second Edition
A Catalogue of Several Valuable Libraries and Collections of Books Including a Copious Assortment of the Best Greek and Latin Classics Which Will Be Selling This Day 1784 by Henry Gardner
An Answer to the Exceptions Made by Mr Erasmus Warren Against the Sacred Theory of the Earth the Second Edition
Aristotles Compleat Master Piece in Three Parts Displaying the Secrets of Nature in the Generation of Man to Which Is Added a Treasure of Health Or the Family Physician the Twenty-Eighth Edition
Letters to William Wilberforce Esq MP on the Doctrine of Hereditary Depravity by a Layman
Psalms and Hymns with Their Proper Tunes in the Tenor Part Collected from Various Authors by W Armstrong
Pizarro the Spaniards in Peru Or the Death of Rolla a Tragedy in Five Acts By Augustus Von Kotzebue the Original of the Play Performing at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane Under the Title of Pizarro Fifth Edition Revised
Laws and Regulations of the Royal College of Surgeons With Chronological Lists of Members Presidents Deacons and Honorary Members
Psalmodia Germanica Or German Psalmody Part II Translated from the High-Dutch
Lettre de Nicolas de Bonneville Avocat Au Parlement de Paris A Mr Le Marquis de Condorcet
The Case Is Alterd Or Duntons Re-Marriage to the Same Wife Being the First Instance of That Nature That Has Been in England to Which Is Added the Tender Letters That Passd Between This New Bride and Bridegroom
The Young Free-Masons Assistant Being a Choice Collection of Mason Songs With a Variety of Toasts and Sentiments to Which Are Added a Few of the Most Celebrated Songs Scotch and English
Constitutional Songs
The British Songster Or Pocket Companion A Choice Collection of Comic and Entertaining Songs Airs Duets Glees c Including the Modern With a New Selection of Toasts and Sentiments
An Impartial Enquiry Into the Moral Character of Jesus Christ Wherein He Is Considered as a Philosopher in a Letter to a Friend the Second Edition
The Common Accidence Examined and Explained by Short Questions and Answers According to the Very Words of the Book Written and Made Use of in Rotherham School and Now Published for the Profit of Beginners in That and Other Schools
Copies of Some Official Papers Concerning the Proceedings at Madras 1783 in Relation to Major-General James Stuart and Shewing the March Towards Cuddalore and the Operations of the Main Army Under His Command 1783
Artis Logici Compendium in Usum Juventutis Collegii Dubliniensis
Thom Fieni Belgii Bavari Ducum Medici Cubicularii Libri Chirurgici Duodecim de Pr cipuis Artis Chirurgic Controversiis Viz XII de Nasi Amputati Ex Carne Brachii Restitutione Opera Posthuma Hermanni Conringii Cura Edita Editio S
Rudiments of Reading A New Way to Reading Made Easy Being a Childs First Book Upon an Improved Plan for Schools and Families by a Clergyman
Aristotles Last Legacy Unfolding the Mystery of Nature in the Generation of Man Treating I of Virginity IX Excellent Remedies Against All Diseases Incident to Virgins and Child-Bearing Women
The Builders Vade-Mecum Or a Complete Key to the Five Orders of Columns in Architecture Together with the Manner of Drawing the Geometrical Elevation of the Five Orders of Columns Illustrated on Seven Copper-Plates
Mechanics Or the Doctrine of Motion Comprehending I the General Laws of Motion II the Descent of Bodies III Centers of Gravity IV the Mechanical Powers V the Comparative Strength of Timber and Its Stress
King Charles the First An Historical Tragedy Written in Imitation of Shakespear as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Lincolns-Inn-Fields
Aesop an Alarmist
Grammatical Institutes Or an Easy Introduction to Dr Lowths English Grammar Designed for the Use of Schools a New Edition Revised and Corrected
Waiting for Gods Salvation a Sermon Occasioned by the Death of the Rev Samuel Morton Savage DD Who Departed This Life February 21 1791 in the Seventieth Year of His Age to Which Is Added an Address at the Grave
Crazy Woman
Pete Michaelson
It Leaves a Nasty Stain
Binding Space The Book as Spatial Practice
The Pursuit of Emma
Appointment in Cairo
Bottle Park
Rails to Cromwell
Performance Budgeting (with CD) What Works What Doesnt
Personal Planer 2016
The Gikkie Bokkers
Counter -Strike ________________________________________ the World Holds Its Breath Another Action-Adventure by
The Writings of Reddick Newton A L L R E D
Hideouts Grand Vacations in Tiny Getaways
Hidden Heroes in the Fire
A Different Path An Emotional Autobiography
Yankee Dragon
The Footnotes
Chirurgie G n rale Des Articulations
Proc s En Calomnie Intent Par M Le Lieutenant-G n ral Canuel Contre M Charrier de Sainneville
Droit Civil
Traitement Des Fractures Par Le Massage Et La Mobilisation
A History of American Gifted Education
Starting an Online Business ?
Du Mandat Et de la Commission En Droit Romain Dans Notre Ancien Droit Et Dans Notre Droit Actuel
Optical Probes in Biology
Nouveau R gime Des Moeurs Abolition de la Police Des Moeurs Le R gime de la Loi
R p titions crites Sur Le Code de Proc dure Civile Expos Des Principes G n raux Motifs
Introduction G n rale lHistoire Du Droit
Examen Critique Et Pratique Du Commentaire de M Troplong Sur Les Privil ges Partie 1
tude Sur Le Th tre de Marie-Joseph Ch nier
Elements de Medecine Pratique Tome 1
Code de Proc dure P nale Du Royaume dItalie Partie 1
Formulaire Index Du Praticien Pour Adultes Et Enfants
Histoire dAuthie de Son Prieur Conventuel Et de Son Ch teau F odal
l ments de Droit Romain lUsage Des tudiants Des Facult s de Droit
The Wolf Hunters
Concetto Lineare
The Dragon Trilogy - Have Sword Sorcery Will Travela
The History of Mr Polly
The Seed Was Planted Let It Reign
The Mutiny of the Elsinore
The Paliser Case
The Kelnaria Chronicles
The Keys of Wisdom
The Land of the Hibiscus Blossom
The Mystery of the Barranca
1717-2017 Druide Tome 1 Le Temps Du Roman
A Paris Haunting
Ancestors of John and Kitty Weems of Greene Co TN
Firme En Las Alturas
Th orie Et Pratique Des Obligations Tome 6
The Ivory Child
The Lure of the Mask
Madam Crowls Ghost and the Dead Sexton
Noahs Art
Organizational Perspectives on Environmental Migration
The Awakening Other Short Stories
Th orie Et Pratique Des Obligations Tome 5
Principes de Jurisprudence Fran aise Pour Servir lIntelligence Du Code Civil Tome 2
Nouveau Commentaire Des Lois Sur Les Brevets dInvention
#1050#1086#1088#1072#1073#1077#1083#1100#10 #1089#1090#1086#1088#1086#1085#1072
Oeuvres Tome 7
Le Conseiller Pratique Des Gens Du Monde Maladies Des Organes G nito-Urinaires de lHomme
The Living Image
de lHumanit Dans Les Lois Criminelles Et de la Jurisprudence
The Dragons Prophecy
Trait Pratique Des Maladies V n riennes
Ragged Dick
Covenant Deception
de la Comp tence Des Conseils de Prudhommes Et de Leur Organisation
Alexanders Lighthouse
l ments de Physique Appliqu e La M decine Et La Physiologie
The Disappearance of Jonathan Bloom
The Lyme Conspiracy
Antigua y Toluca
Frais de Justice En Mati re Correctionnelle Et de Police Ou Commentaire Du R glement Du 18 Juin 1811
Pr cis de Microbie Technique Et Microbes Pathog nes 2e dition
A War Among the Stars (Hardcover)
Monster Field Journal
Discovering Who I am A Group Resource for Children and Young People Working on Social and Emotional Wellbeing and Identity
The Fire This Time A New Generation Speaks About Race
The Silver Caesars - A Renaissance Mystery
A Local History of Global Capital Jute and Peasant Life in the Bengal Delta
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Scotland
Justice by Insurance The General Indian Court of Colonial Mexico and the Legal Aides of the Half-Real
Absolute Time Rifts in Early Modern British Metaphysics
Nation Building Why Some Countries Come Together While Others Fall Apart
Essentials of Clinical Infectious Diseases
The Predictive Postcode The Geodemographic Classification of British Society
Rapid Response System A Practical Guide
The Cherokee Diaspora An Indigenous History of Migration Resettlement and Identity
Sounding Islam Voice Media and Sonic Atmospheres in an Indian Ocean World
International Political Economy Contrasting World Views
Deep Roots How Slavery Still Shapes Southern Politics
Peace Works Americas Unifying Role in a Turbulent World
A Local Assessment Toolkit to Promote Deeper Learning Transforming Research Into Practice
Data-Driven Storytelling
The Expulsion of the Other Society Perception and Communication Today
The Girl Outdoors The Wild Girls Guide to Adventure Travel and Wellbeing
The Blazing World
The Phantom Herd
Shanghai Sacred The Religious Landscape of a Global City
The Flying Legion
The Lure of the Dim Trails
The Mahatma and the Hare
The Herapath Property
Philip Dru
The Green Rust
Sword of Clay
A Laodicean
King Solomons Mines
Rodney Stone
The Offshore Pirate
The Lost Stradivarius
The Case for Anthroposophy Extracts from riddles of the Soul
Learning Through Play Creating a Play-Based Approach within Early Childhood Contexts
Constitutional Law Administrative Law and Human Rights A Critical Introduction
Goethean Science Introductions to Goethes Natural-Scientific Writings
The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow
The Biology of Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems
Payard Cookies
Going Green With Vertical Landscapes
Rineke Dijkstra The Louisiana Book
The Eternal Dissident Rabbi Leonard I Beerman and the Radical Imperative to Think and Act
A Cookbook of Traditional Gambian and Modern Recipes
Drynane The House with Elastic Sides
Armstrongs Job Evaluation Handbook A Guide to Achieving Fairness and Transparency in Pay and Reward
Power in the Telling Grand Ronde Warm Springs and Intertribal Relations in the Casino Era
Sovereignty and Society in Colonial Brazil The High Court of Bahia and Its Judges 1609-1751
Legacies and Memories in Movements Justice and Democracy in Southern Europe
Mystics at the Dawn of the Modern Age And Their Relation to the Current Natural-Scientific Paradigm
Routledge Handbook of European Elections
Northern Italy in the Roman World From the Bronze Age to Late Antiquity
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
The Last of the Plainsmen
Bibliotheca Veterum Patrum Atiquorumque Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Postrema Lugdunensi Longe Locupletior Atque Accuratior Vol 3
Department Reports of Pennsylvania Vol 5 May 2 1919
Biblische Zeitschrift 1907 Vol 5 In Verbindung Mit Der Redaktion Der biblischen Studien
The Review of Applied Entomology 1915 Vol 3 Series A Agricultural
Thin Luck
Pioneer Stories from the Buffalo Trace [vol I]
LAltra Faccia Della Storia
Simon Fink
Words from the Pacific
Appointment in Douz Tunisia Death of a Colonel 2nd Edition
A Voice from Heaven _____confusion Over Iran _____ Another Action-Adventure Novel by
Distant Suns
This Son of Mine
Rain City Homicide
The Dictionary of Dangerous Ideas
Contextualizing Openness
Bloody Mary Confession
God Uses the Unlikely
The New Adventures of Mighty-Girl Mighty-Girl Becomes Mighty-Woman
Nouveau Coutumier G n ral Tome 2
Excessive Entanglement
The 21st Century Guide To Writing Articles In The Biomedical Sciences
Rue Saint Jacques
Cuban Foreign Policy Transformation under Raul Castro
Seeds of Science Why We Got It So Wrong On GMOs
The Dark Stuff Stories from the Peatlands
Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes Tactile Mathematics Art and Craft for all to Explore Second Edition
100 Greatest Cult Films
Outnumbered From Facebook and Google to Fake News and Filter-bubbles - The Algorithms That Control Our Lives
New Media Futures The Rise of Women in the Digital Arts
The Successful Internship
Parking and the City
Metamorphosis How to Transform Punishment in America
The Routledge Handbook of Educational Linguistics
Brittany 1944 Hitlers Final Defenses in France
Little Women and Other Novels
Fundamentals of Microbiome Science How Microbes Shape Animal Biology
Mixing with Impact Learning to Make Musical Choices
The Control Agenda A History of the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
Transitive Cultures Anglophone Literature of the Transpacific
Parental Death The Ultimate Teen Guide
Social Media Marketing Theories and Applications
Pathways Reading Writing and Critical Thinking 4 Teachers Guide
Public Health Reports 1909 Vol 23 Issued by the Surgeon-General Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service Under the Act of Congress Granting Additional Quarantine Powers and Imposing Additional Duties Upon the Marine-Hospital Service Approved Febru
Koeniglich Wurttembergisches Staats-Und Regierungs-Blatt Vom Jahr 1820
Building and Industrial News Vol 13 A Weekly Publication Devoted to the Architectural Building and Industrial Activities of the Pacific Coast January 7 1913
Thirty-Fifth Year R L Polk and Co s Indianapolis City Directory for 1911 Vol 57 Embraces a Complete Alphabetical List of Business Firms Private Citizens a Directory of the City and County Officers Churches and Public Schools Benevolent Literar
Manuel Pratique Pour Les Supirieures Des Maisons Religieuses
History of Merchantville Camden County N J
Rapport Des Dipenses Du Dipartement de la Marine Fait i lAssemblie Nationale Par Le Comiti Des Finances
D Io Alberti Bengelii Apparatus Criticus Ad Novum Testamentum Criseos Sacrae Compendium Limam Supplementum AC Fructum Exhibens
Der Verein Der isterreichisch-Ungarischen Buchhindler 1859-1899 Ein Beitrag-Zur Geschichte Des isterreichischen Buchhandels Festschrift Anlisslich Des Vierzigjibrigen Gestandes Des Vereines Im Auftrage Des Vorstandes Verfasst
Ruth St Denis Pioneer Prophet Vol 1 Being a History of Her Cycle of Oriental Dances The Text
Decimal Classification and Relativ Index for Libraries Clippings Notes Etc
Franz Brentano Vom Ursprung Sittlicher Erkenntnis
Th orie Et Pratique Des Obligations Tome 4
On Matthews Mind
Histoire Naturelle Des Vers Tome 3
Emerald Renegade
Meet My Friend Zane!

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